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Broke Her Heart - MAY 20

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Bert leaves, Gerard withdraws even further.

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Sunday morning the kitchen was full of laughter. Monica closed her eyes a moment to listen. The sound filled her heart with hope. Things would get back to normal she told herself. Gee would come home to his family and they would be happy. Another out burst of laughter caused her to open her eyes. Bert had just told the girls a ridiculously silly joke that had been geared towards Elle’s understanding. She giggled and told him he was very silly. Monica saw the look on Bert's face as he smiled at Elle. He was seeing Liv in the little girl. His smile was bittersweet.
"So today I think we should have a picnic." Monica said after the laughter died down. "The weather is gonna be perfect." The girls met her suggestion with approval. Bert said softly.
"I'm gonna be taking off after breakfast. I need to get back."
Monica nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure you do."
Kelly, Kara and Elle cleaned up the remains of breakfast while Monica walked Bert out after he'd grabbed his stuff. Once they arrived at his car she spoke.
"I'm gonna miss you."
Bert smiled, "Not as much as I'm gonna miss you. Monica, I've never had a friend like you. You bring out the parts of me that I think are good." He ducked his head looking embarrassed.
Monica reached out and grabbed his hand, "You're a good man." She told him speaking from her heart. "I'm not sure I could have gotten through this without you."
"This was fucking hard." Bert said softly. "I miss her you know? This morning when I woke up my first thought was I wonder how Livie is today. Then I remembered she was gone."
Monica let go of his hand and moved to hug him. "She's gone but I know she's happy now. No more pain."
"Do you really believe that?" he asked suddenly. "Do you believe she's gone on to a better place?"
"I do." Monica said from her heart, "I believe we all move on to a better place. Liv was a good woman. Her past caused her to do things she wasn't proud of but deep down she was a good person. I believe she's happy now. I believe in a way she's still with us."
Burt laid his head on the top of Monica's head. "Yeah, that's what I want to believe too."
They stood in each other embrace for several more moments then parted. "Take care of yourself." He said opening the car door. "Promise me that if you need me you will call. I don't care what time of day or night, you call me."
"I promise." Monica said wiping a tear from her eye. "You take care of yourself."
He got into the car but before closing the door asked, "Do you think she loved me just a little?" his voice was raw with emotion.
Monica nodded, "More than just a little."
He nodded, closed the door and backed into the street. With a final wave he was gone. Monica watched until his car was out of sight. With a sigh she returned to the house.

"Man, you have to do this interview." Ray said squaring off with Gerard. "What's this I don't feel like it, shit?"
Gerard stood his ground, "I don't feel like it. You and Mikey do the fucking thing.”
The rest of the band members stood by looking at the two hoping that this didn't get out of hand. Bob shifted from one foot to the other wanting to say something but not sure that he should. Mikey gave his brother a look of disbelief.
"But you and I are supposed to do the interview."
Gerard turned to him. His face showed pure hatred, "I don't want to do an interview with you. Matter of fact I don't want to have a fucking thing to do with you."
Mikey looked as if he'd been slapped.
"Look, Gerard." Ray said stepping in between the two brothers, "I don't know what the fuck your problem is but they are expecting you and Mikey."
"Then I guess the are gonna be disappointed, aren't they?" Gerard turned and walked out before any one could respond.
"This has gotten so out of hand." Ray said. "I'm gonna call Monica. Something fucking happened when he was home. This is more than just Liv dying."
"Maybe it isn't." Bob said joining the conversation. "We all knew it was gonna be brutal when Liv died. Maybe he's regretting not calling home when Mikey told him that Liv was asking to talk to him."
Mikey shook his head, "No, his anger is mostly towards me." he looked down at the carpet.
Ray didn't want to have Mikey fall into depression. "Hey, he's angry at all of us."
Bob nodded, "Yeah, he's pissed at the world. Why would he be any angrier at you?"
Mikey shook his head then looked over at Bob, "Can you do the interview with Ray?"
They all knew this could pose a problem with the magazine interviewer but it was apparent Mikey was in no condition to do an interview."
"Sure, man." Bob said slapping Mikey on the back, "I'll do it."

"It's me Sarah.” Her voice sounded so apprehensive.
Monica sat down at the kitchen table. She had been preparing the picnic lunch before the phone had rung. "How are you?"
"I'm okay, I think." Sarah said softly. "I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I was just wondering if you could go with me. I’m scheduled for a sonogram.”
"There's nothing wrong, is there?" Monica was immediately concerned.
Sarah paused, "No, it's just my regular appointment. It's silly of me to ask you. Forget I called."
Something in her tone worried Monica, "Sarah, I'd be happy to go with you. Matter of fact I would love to go with you."
"Really?" Sarah’s tone lightened. "Thanks. I just hate going by myself." She admitted.
"What time is your appointment?"
"It's at ten." She told Monica where her doctor was located and they decided to meet at his office. "Thanks so much, Monica." Sarah said before saying goodbye.
"I'm so glad you called." Monica told her honestly. "I'm happy to be a part of the baby’s life before it's born."
After the call Monica sat a moment lost in thought. With everything that had been happening she'd almost forgotten about the baby. She pulled out her phone and called Gee. She wasn't sure if he'd be at the hotel of the venue but she decided she'd take a chance and try to catch him. She was slightly surprised when he answered.
"Hey, Gee. Am I calling at a bad time?"
Gerard, who had been staring at the ceiling above his head, answered softly, "Nope."
"Oh great." Monica went on happily, "I just wanted to tell you that Sarah called."
Monica paused, "Sarah, the mother of our baby." He sounded so distant. "Did I wake you?"
Gerard closed his eyes, "No, what did she want?"
His tone concerned Monica, "Hun, what's wrong?"
"Nothing." He answered shortly.
Monica didn't believe him for a moment but she was afraid to push him. "Oh, well she wants me to go with her to her doctors appointment tomorrow."
"Oh" he answered sounding very uninterested. There was a knock on his door. "It's time for me to head to the venue,” he explained.
Monica felt her good mood evaporate. "Okay, I guess I'll talk to you later."
"Yeah, later." he simply disconnected.
Closing the phone Monica brushed the tears from her eyes. Had he changed his mind about wanting a baby? Maybe it was more than that. Maybe he'd changed his mind about everything. She pasted a smile on her face when Kara entered the kitchen.
"We're ready as soon as you are." She said opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water.
"Great" Monica stood and crossing over to the counter to finish making the sandwiches.
Kara head the fake happiness in her mom's voice. "What's wrong?"
Monica continued to make the sandwiches without looking up, "Nothing. I'm almost done."
Moving to her mothers side Kara leaned forward to look at Monica's face, "Mom?"
Monica turned to her, "I called Gerard to tell him that Sarah wanted me to go with her to her doctors appointment tomorrow."
"He acted like he didn't care." Monica said as she got out the plastic wrap.
"What did he say?”
Monica was suddenly sorry she’d brought it up. She knew how Kara felt about the way Gerard had been acting. “He’s just tired. It’s no big deal.”
To Kara it was a big deal but she could see how fragile her mom’s emotions were at the moment. She let the matter drop. However in her heart her hatred for Gerard grew even more. She’d watched her mom making excuses for her dad when she was growing up. Now she was watching it happen all over again. Kara left the kitchen suddenly wanting nothing more then to leave this house and never return. It broke her heart to see what was happening to her mother.
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