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You Wont Live To See Another Day

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times two.

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Gerard and I stepped out of the cab, and looked up at the dilapidated building we stood infront of. At one time, it could have been an impressive building, for the big iron grates covering what was left of he windows were of great design. Time had taken it's toll obviously, for parts of the building had fallen apart, others looking as if they would fall any minute. Vines had taken over one side, hiding the structures actual colors.

We started walking around the back of the building, where Frank had said to enter. The heavy looking, carved wooden door hung slightly off its hinges, and had been pushed open. I stepped through the doorway, only to find another door in my way.

"What the hell is Frank doing here in the first place?" I questioned, trying to push the door open, but it wouldn't budge. Gerard didn't answer, which didn't surprise me because he hadn't talked to me the whole ride. He pushed past me, and in one swift action had the door open. Then we were looking into a huge empty space, with puddles all over the concert floor, a foul smell hanging in the air, and a few rays of sunlight that entered through the caving roof.

"Frank?" Gerard yelled out into the room. His voice bounced off the walls, echoing loudly. I could have sworn that I heard a shuffling, but nothing else followed. Gerard walked further into the room and called out Frank's name again. He twirled in all directions when there was a loud noise, and before I could react, someone grabbed me from behind and jabbed something hard into my neck. I opened my mouth to call out for Gerard, but a familiar voice rang through the room.

"It's such a pleasure to see you again," he said smoothly, pushing me towards the middle of the room. Gerard, still unaware of what was going on, turned towards me and almost fell back in shock.

"What are you doing Frank?" he asked once had gained his composure.

"I just thought I could rid you of your problem Gee. I'm tired of being in this relationship when she constantly, and without knowing it, takes your attention away from me. I love you."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, still very aware of the object that was sticking in my neck.

"Oh, he didn't tell you?" he asked almost gleefully. "After you broke Gerard's heart, again, we began having a relationship. And not just sexual, although that was a big part of it." He chuckled and pushed me forward again. "Gerard can't seem to get you out of his life so I thought I'd do it for him"

"Don't do this Frank" Gerard said calmly.

"But I have to," Frank replied. "Is there anything you'd like to say before I blow your brains against the ceiling."

I struggled to figure out something but my brain wasn't working properly. There were so many things running through my brain. Ronnie and Emily, my family, Gerard. I guess it was true that just before you died, you see your life flash before your eyes. I looked up at Gerard and said quietly, "Forgive me for everything."

The scene that followed happened so quickly, it was hard to remember exactly how it all happened. Some one had grabbed Frank while Gerard dashed and grabbed me. His eyes were full of tears as he hugged me closely. I heard Frank struggling with someone else and pulled myself away from Gerard to see him on the ground with Ronnie. Suddenly, Ronnie jumped up, the metallic black gun in his hand. Immediately, he pointed the gun in Frank's direction. Frank had shuffled away, and looked at the gun with no sign of terror in his eyes.

"Do it," he taunted. A loud shot rang through the air, narrowly missing Frank, hitting the concrete wall with a loud CLINK. For a brief moment, Franks eyes flashed with fright, before he sneered.

"You missed." He jumped up, and ran out of the room, with Ronnie still pointing the gun to where Frank had been. Slowly, he pivoted on the spot with the gun aimed in the direction of Gerard and me.

"Let go of my wife," Ronnie hissed. Gerard immediately stepped away from me, his hands in the air.

"Ronnie, what are you doing?" I asked, frantically trying to understand the sudden change of events. He ignored my questions and addressed Gerard again.

"I warned you to stay away from her, and I told you what would happen if you didn't. And then I find out from my five year old daughter that last night you fucked Sara?"

"Ronnie, please!" I yelled, stepping towards him. "That was just a stupid mistake and-" Before I could finish, something flew past Ronnies head. Caught off guard, Ronnie turned around only to have Frank attack him, while trying to retrieve the gun. They fell back onto the floor, and both were grunting as they fought, the gun nowhere to be seen. I looked around them to see if it had fallen out of reach, but suddenly an earsplitting bang filled the room. Everything became silent as Frank and Ronnie stared at each other wide eyed until Frank rolled off Ronnie to reveal a dark red spot growing by the second on Ronnie's chest.

I let out a scream that could have matched the sound of the gun when it went off as I ran towards Ronnie and collapsed by his side. His body was already shuddering as I lifted his torso onto my lap.

"Ronnie!" I cried as my tears started; more tears then I had ever cried in my life. My throat and chest began to hurt as my body began to heave, but somehow I still managed to speak. "Oh god Ronnie, please don't-" I choked on my words and kissed his forehead. "I was never going to leave you. I was just so angry. That's why I slept with Gerard."

"I know," he croaked, clutching his chest. Blood started seeping onto my clothes, but I didn't care. I pressed my lips to his, remembering the first time we had ever kissed. His lips felt as if they were burning against mine, but I didn't want to pull away. I couldn't bare the thought of never kissing Ronnie again, but Ronnie seemed to quickly come to terms with everything. Still I could see the tears in his eyes as she smiled and said quietly, "Please take care of Emily, and when you have our child, don't forget to tell him about me. You were the best thing that ever happened to me." He started coughing and wheezing, and my insides felt like they were on fire as I felt him become weaker in my lap. I didn't want to watch my husband die, and especially not this way.

I sobbed for a minute, hugging him closely, before I whispered into his ear, "Don't talk like that, you're going to be fine!" I kissed him again and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. Just as I had dialed 911 and hit send, Frank kicked my hand and sent my phone across the room. I howled in pain, my tears still flowing, but Frank pulled me up my hair and threw me against the wall. As I slid down to the ground, he lifted the gun, pointed it at my head, and said with a sneer, "So long and good night."

"Frank!" yelled Gerard just as I saw Franks finger reach for the trigger. He paused in mid motion, but he didn't turn away from me.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Gerard said softly, slowly coming up beside Frank. I saw the lines around Franks eyes soften, and he lowered the gun just a fraction, but he still wouldn't turn away.

"I'm doing this for us baby. Can't you see? If she's gone, then there's nothing stopping us from being together."

"Frank, I love you. Let's talk about this, just put down the gun. Please."

Frank eyed me, sprawled against the wall, and he finally lowered the gun. I cringed as he pulled Gerard's face towards his and kissed his lips roughly. The two started whispering in hushed tones, and I saw my chance; Gerard had Franks face turned away from me.

I started crawling towards Ronnie, who was still trembling, but not as violently. I placed my hands on the side of his head but quickly pulled back, because his skin was turning cold. I started panicking and reached into pockets to look for his cell phone. I heard him trying to say something, but the words came out all raspy, and barely over a whisper. I looked over at Gerard and Frank, who were still arguing, and picked Ronnie up as best as I could. I dragged him towards the door and once we were outside the large wooden door, I laid him down and dialed 911.

"911, what's your emergency?" asked a calm voice from the other end of the phone.

"My husband, he's been shot, he's bleeding too much, he's shuddering, I don't know what to do," I cried into the phone, kneeling down beside Ronnie again.

"Please calm down Ms. What is the address?"

I looked up frantically, but we were at the back of the building. I had to clue where we were.

"I don't know, I can't see anything." I stood up and started pacing, looking for something, but my attention was drawn away from my quest to find an address. I heard Frank and Gerard's voices escalate. I held the phone away from my ear to hear what was going on, and I could hear the women still asking the address. Then came the sound I feared to hear. I dropped the phone, and ran back into the building, and my world came crashing down around me for a second time; Gerard lay on the ground with Frank sobbing on his chest. Gerard's face was turned towards the ceiling. A weird sound made its way out of my throat, and he turned his head slowly towards me. His beautiful hazel eyes barely stood open as he looked into my eyes. His small lips turned upwards, and he whispered, "Emily."

a/n there is only one last chapter kids!
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