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I know you've heard this one before but...
If anyone out there needs a beta reader, someone to read and review their work(Crit or not crit), or if you just want someone to talk to, contact me. My yahoo addy is


Or you can just reply on this post. I'm not the best at spelling all the time (thank god for spell check) but I'm pretty good with grammar, and with which types of words to use ( You know, like there, their, and they're). I know which context words should be used in, so that should be helpful. If you are interested, contact me at the e-mail address above and send me a e-copy of the story or chapter you want beta-ed along with a note at the top telling me what you want done. Ususally what I'll do is read over it and correct grammar, and I'll sometimes re-write whole lines or even paragraphs, after which I'll reread over the story/chapter as a whole and see how it looks, then I'll send it back on the message you sent the original on to make it easier to compare the two. Don't worry; I'll keep the original idea in the paragraphs, but I'll reword it a little to make it sound better. If you don't like what I've done with it, you can always just post the original and ignore what I've done with it. Sound good?
What kind of story's do you the most? I would like a beta reader to help me with my Harry Potter story because no one will review but people rate it as marry sue and I don't see how because I'm not making my person out to be someone prefect who gets along with everyone. But anyway more on that if you wanna be my beta reader. So if you will you can e-mail me at vampirekitten67708@yahoo.com
My main e-mail is still the same, just so you know. I'll e-mail you. This IS Cereal_junkie, just so you know. I just can't get onto my account right now, so I'm operating from this one. DX
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