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Chapter 6- Worst Comes to Worst

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Well read the chapter title, it doesnt turn out to pretty.

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Whoop Whoop! So i just want to let you know i am going to include text messages in this chapter and the texts will show up in bold hopefully.

Chapter 6- Worst Comes to Worst

Gerard's POV

As we walked out of the forest and into the bright sunlight no one seemed to notice we were gone, except Bob and Mikey who had watched us go. They take one look at Maddie and see the red blotches on her cheeks and they give me looks of utter confusion and I shake my head to drop it and they shrug.

We walk over to them and Maddie takes out her camera and snaps random pictures of everything; the sun, the dead grass, Bob and Mikey, me, and Drew? What the hell was he doing in this class? I don’t remember seeing him in the art room, what was going on? He smiled and waved at Maddie then jogged over to us making the blonde girls sigh and watch him go dreamily. I rolled my eyes and turned away and joined Bob and Mikeys conversation.

“Hey Maddie, how are you?” I overheard Drew say.

“Just fine, thanks,” She said and took a picture of her sneakers.

“Oh well you look like you just cried, is there something you want to tell me?” Drew said. The tone in his voice was warning so I turned around and stared right at them, he ignored my and kept the serious look on his face.

“What are you talking about Drew?” Maddie said with an equally serious voice.

“Julia saw you and ghost over there sucking face,” Drew said and Maddie went from red blotches to whiter than me.

“That’s not any of her business,” said Maddie, her voice shook with fear.

“Julia told me all about you Maddie, she said you were an attention seeking whore who would do anything for a little action, and even if it wasn’t with the one she was dating.” Drew said and I realized what was coming next, “How upset do you think Dan will be when I tell him?”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen, no one from my old school should have been here, and you don’t know Dan.” She said gritting her teeth as to hold back a shriek.

“Of course I don’t, but Julia does, it’ll be easy for me to meet Dan and tell him the unfortunate news,” Drew said with such a malicious tone I wanted to beat the shit out of him.

“Please, Drew, no one was supposed to see,” She said so quietly that I could barely hear.

“Yeah that was your plan right? Get some action from a loser who would willingly give it to you because he can’t get anything else, you’re a whore,” Drew said spitting at her feet and that cracked me I took one step closer to Drew and he slammed his fist against my head and I fell backwards onto the ground, “Stay down, asshole!”

I touched my face and it was tender and hurt like a 100 pound weight had just been smashed against my face, “Gee!” Maddie shouted and fell beside me.

“Oh don’t play an act,” Drew said looking down at us.

“What do you want?” Maddie said holding back tears, but she wouldn’t look at Drew instead she locked eyes with me.

“I want all the whores to suffer, but it’s not me who wants something real, it’s Julia,” Drew said and his anger slowly slipped away.

“She wants Dan,” Maddie said and tears rolled over her cheeks and fell onto my pant leg.

“Yeah, Hell, I do,” One of the blonde girls had walked over and stood next to Drew.

“Don’t call me that,” Maddie said and she looked royally pissed.

“Oh please, just because you don’t go to Blair Academy anymore doesn’t mean you aren’t the same,” Julia said and looked at us with disgust.

“I am not the same,” Maddie bellowed and Julia raised her perfectly thin eyebrows.

“Hell, I saw you and Gerard getting at it, you haven’t changed a bit,” Julia said and as much as I wanted to believe that Maddie had changed something inside me was telling me she hadn’t, “You took my boyfriend, Hell, as well as three-quarters of the other girls at Blair, and remaining quarter didn’t have boyfriends to begin with, is that why you have been to so many schools, after a year with every guy you get sick of them and leave? How you got to be that big of a whore I don’t even know.”

I looked from Julia to Maddie, and started to get up. Drew raised his arm to strike again, but I waved my hand at him, “No need I’m leaving,” I said and walked over to the severely shocked Mikey and Bob. I grabbed them by the shoulders and began to walk back to the school right as the bell rang.

“What the hell was that about?” Bob said looking over his should back at the scene I just disappeared from.

“I can’t tell you guys,” I said hoarsely as we walked around the football stadium and to north lot where Ray had parked his car.

“Damn man Drew hit you hard, it’s already bruising,” Mikey said still stunned.

“Gerard you can tell us, we’re your best friends, and who else would we tell? It’s not like we have many friends to spread this around.” Bob said and Mikey was staring at my bruised cheek.

“I promised Maddie I wouldn’t tell anyone,” I said and we walked onto the hot black pavement of north lot.

“So it’s about Maddie?” Bob said sounding satisfactory.

“Look it’s turning yellow!” Mikey yelled, pointing at my cheek.

I rolled my eyes, “I never said that Bob, I just can’t tell you, any of you,” I said taking a side glance at Mikey who was still fascinated with my bruise.

At about fifty yards away from Rays Volvo, Frank is sprinting to the car at top-speed, “SHOTGUN!” He yells at the top of his lungs and immediately all three of us start running towards the car. I took the lead in front of Mikey and Bob but they were catching up and Frank was about the same distance from the car as we were. I heard Ray unlock the doors and I peered back to see him walking lazily towards us, “YOU DENT MY CAR I WILL KILL YOU!” He shouts but we ignore him, at the same time all four of us smash into the passenger seat door wrestling for the door handle. I grab it open and try to slide in but Frank grabs me at the ankle and starts pulling me out, Bob takes my shoulder and tries shoving me while getting in the car. Mikey, the smart one of all of us, pries my hand from the coffee holder and Frank drags me onto the ground and I hit my head on the hard pavement. Then he grabs Bob by the neck and hits a pressure point making him fall onto me and Mikey slid into the passenger seat and locked the door shut.

“Damn you, Mikey!” Bob yelled rubbing his neck while helping me up.

We all piled into the back and glared at Mikey, “Whoa what the hell happened to your face?” Frank said poking my bruise.

“Ow you idiot!” I said and smacked Frank on the head.

“Damn Gerard,” Ray said looking into the mirror at my face, “What did you do?”

“Drew gave him a right hook, it was sick,” Bob said with no sympathy whatsoever.

“Wow thanks, you’re a great friend,” I said sarcastically and Bob smirked.

“Drew Burton?” Ray asked still looking in the mirror at me and I pointed at the road, he rolled his eyes and kept driving.

“Yeah, knocked him to the ground-”

“And it’s yellow!” Mikey shouted interrupting Bob.

“What the fuck?” Frank said and we all laughed.

“Why would Drew Burton punch you?” Ray asked. Great. Just spectacular.

“He won’t tell us,” Bob said and I mustered up the angriest look I could throwing it at him with all my will power.

“Why not?” Frank asked and I looked away from all of them. I totally hate this. Especially since it’s about Maddie, they are going to parade this around the world.

“It’s about Maddie,” Bob said and Ray whistled.

“Is it now?” He said looking back in the mirror at me.

“Yeah, and it’s also none of your business,” I said trying to look out the window but I was in the middle and failed because Frank caught my eye. Frank was the kind of friend who you could tell anything and wouldn’t tell anyone if you asked him not too, and his eyes were telling me I am coming over tonight and you are telling me everything. I looked away and realized that everyone (including Ray) was staring at us.

“Gerard you can tell us,” Ray said quietly.

“No, I really cant,” I said and we pulled up at my house, “Sorry,” I said and climbed out of the car and walked through the grass to my house. All of a sudden my phone began to vibrate I opened it and I had three texts.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

They were from Ray, Frank, and Bob. I smiled at my phone and closed it, I walked into the house and smelt grilled cheese coming from the kitchen.

“Gerard? Mikey?” My mom shouted and I dropped my bag onto the floor next to my shoes and walked into the kitchen.

“Smells good,” Mikey said and sat down at the small square island in the middle of our kitchen where my mom had placed two blue plates.

“Hey ma, how was your day?” I asked and sat in the seat next to Mikey.

“Pretty good, your father mailed you two something from Ireland, he said it’s really beautiful there and we all should go on vacation here for Gerard’s senior trip!” She said throwing an opened manila envelope at us and returning to the stove.

Mikey opened the envelope and tossed me a bag of Irish skittles, then looked around in the bag and looked unsatisfied so he tossed it to me and I actually read the letter.

Dear Donna, Gerard, and Mikey,
Ireland is beautiful! The people around here are really nice, but the weather is really unpredictable, I think this would be a great place for Gerard’s senior trip! I miss you all a lot and I am sorry I haven’t been able to talk to you more, my boss failed to get me a universal phone so I can’t call you. I hope this letter is enough to let you all know that I love you. Gerard and Mikey I am sorry I wasn’t there to see you off to school on your first day of school, but I managed to find Irish skittles! Believe it or not there is a game called Irish skittles, it’s rather remarkable, but apparently I am no good at it. Well I miss you all and hope that I will be home soon to see you.
With love, Dad

I put the letter back in the envelope and pushed it away from me, my dad has been in Ireland since the beginning of summer and even though my dad and I do get in a lot of disagreements I still miss him.

“You two better be hungry, because this grilled cheese did not want to be grilled,” She said and laughed at her own joke.

“Ha, thanks ma,” I said and she placed the sandwich on my plate then looked at my face. She dropped Mikeys sandwich on the floor, “Gerard! What in Gods name did you do to your face?” She reached forward and grabbed my face examining my bruise.

“Nothing, I just fell when I was outside in photo today,” I said and she went to get ice from the freezer.

“Don’t lie to me! It looks like someone hit you!” She said putting the ice into a Ziploc bag.

“Mom why would anyone hit me?” I asked and she began pacing.

“I don’t know! But you better tell me what happened!” She shouted and threw the ice bag at me and I caught it off guard.

“I was running through the trees behind the football field and tripped over a bush and landed on a rock, ma I swear I am fine,” I said but pressed the cold ice pack to my face.

“Gerard, I don’t even want to know how the hell you managed that, but you better keep the ice on your cheek or you will have that bruise for a good month!” She said and cleaned Mikeys sandwich up off the floor.

“Okay ma, I’m gunna go upstairs if you don’t mind,” I said and hopped off the stool not even letting her answer. I grabbed my backpack and took two stairs at a time.

My room was right across from the stairs so I walked right into my room and threw my bag on my bed. The walls in my room are white, I have always wanted to paint them a darker color I have just been to lazy about it. My room is kind of big and I have my own little balcony, it can only fit one Adirondack chair though so I sit out there every time I need a smoke. I have one big window so I can see out into my tiny backyard, I open my blinds and I see our dog Taco running in a large circle around the backyard. Taco is a weird dog, not only is he a Chihuahua but he always runs in a counterclockwise circle, so Frank calls him RT which is short for right turn.

I smiled at the thought of all the fun times Frank, Mikey, and I have had messing around with Taco, then plop myself onto my bed and stare at my ceiling. What an eventful day, and it’s only the beginning. But whatever I mean at least I got some action, the last time I made out with someone it was like last December at Molly’s Christmas party. Right as I thought this my phone vibrated again and I thought surely it was Frank telling me he’d be over in a couple minutes, but to my surprise it was Molly.

“Uh oh,” I said out loud as I flipped my phone open, but it wasn’t about Maddie at all.

Party at my house this Saturday! :D my rents are in Delaware
visiting my aunt until Sunday late afternoon so I have the
house to myself! :D alcohol is wanted! (condoms are not
supplied, see party for details)

A party is what I need right now, something to get my mind off of Maddie, and how she used me just for action… I cant believe she would be like that, she doesn’t come off that way at all. Ugh this really pisses me off, I hate it that all the girls I like turn out to be really big whores. I just wish there was one girl on the planet that doesn’t care about how she looks or how ‘fat’ she is. I wish there was one girl who liked herself the way she is and doesn’t act like a hoe to get guys, I wish girls where more like Joan of Arc or something but more adapt to the recent century.

Someone banged on my door and I sat straight up, “Yeah?” I said and Mikey opened the door a crack.

“I hope your not masturbating,” He said and I threw my pillow at the door, “Okay I’ll come back later, I hate to interrupt your ‘happy time’.”

“I am not masturbating!” I shouted.

“Oh okay,” Mikey said opening the door all the way and taking a step inside, “Ray wants to practice today since we don’t really have homework and our schedules will get more busy in due time.”
“Yeah yeah I figured he might ask us to do something like that,” I said rolling onto my side
and staring out of my window.

“Well come on!” He said and threw the pillow at me while running out of the room, “Oh” He poked his head in my room a tiny bit, “Maddie’s at the door.”


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