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Chapter 5- You Put The Romance In My Chemical Romance

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Woop woop! Things get steamy between Maddie and Gerard :P

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Hey guys! My computer broke! Ahh it was excrutiating! I was soooo pissed! But anyway I am back and I do believe this chapter is one of my favorites, it's pretty juicy haha. Well enjoy!

Chapter 5- You Put The Romance In My Chemical Romance

Gerard's POV

Bob, Mikey, Maddie, and I all walked down to photo together laughing and talking about random things that happened in the summer. I was glad I had friends in all my classes; maybe senior year wasn’t going to be so bad. Exactly as I thought this my hand brushed against Maddie’s and I hesitated. She looked up at me with her big moss green eyes, I laced my pinky finger in between hers and she let me. Still looking up at me she gave me a crooked smile and we walked down to A106.

“So you guys ready for photo?” Bob said as we walked in and took the seats closest to the door.

“Yeah let’s take some pictures,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Well that’s exactly what this class is about, thank you,” Miss. Morrison said and everyone sat down, “Well I am Miss. Morrison, hopefully you all know what class this is and well today we are going to go outside and take pictures of natural beauty. So for all of you who didn’t bring in your cameras for today you may borrow one of the digital cameras the school provides, but keep in mind that in this class we hit the ground running; no intros. Alright now please follow me outside to the football field.”

“Pardon me, Miss Morrison, but a football field isn’t natural beauty, it’s merely a place that reminds our civilization of the brutal sexism contributed by hormonal teenage males who believe that the size of your muscles should decide who has most power.” Bob says and makes the blonde preppy girls look up from their texting.

“Hm,” Miss Morrison takes a moment to consider Bob’s statement, “Well Bob although I do not believe the sexism of the football team is brutal, I do think you have a point. We shall convene at the forest behind the football field.”

Bob has a smug look on his face as we walk outside into the bright sunlight. Wow is it bright outside, I actually got Goosebumps from the change of heat. Despite the fact that summer just ended I am paler than a Drew’s speedo tan lines after spending spring break in Hawaii without wearing sunscreen. And yeah Drew is on the swim team, he likes to wear his Speedo’s to every outing that includes water, it’s really gross.

“Wow it’s hot out here,” Mikey said peeling off his hoodie.

“Yeah believe it or not Mike, even though summer ended on August 6th it doesn’t mean the earth has completely shifted through its solstice.” Bob said matter-of-factly.

“Jesus, write a book.” Mikey said taking a step away from Bob.

“You two are really extraordinary,” Maddie said rolling her eyes and I laughed, to which she pushed me.

“Keep up, please!” Miss Morrison shouted and we hurried after the rest of the class to behind the football stadium.

Behind the stadium there was a stretch of lawn before the mass amounts of trees and brush. The two blonde girls sat on the lawn trying to get tan (even though they were almost black from fake tanning) and other people plopped down beside them pulling out dead grass and throwing it at each other.

I looked and Maddie and she shrugged but stood still, “No way am I sitting on this gross grass,” She whispered to me and I knew where she was coming from, the grass was seriously dead. Big yellow patches of it came off on my sneakers with every step I took, and when Bob sat down he had a look of disgust across his face.

“No need to sit down, you are going to have to move around to take pictures of the nature,” Miss Morrison said as she put on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and took a huge camera out of a black bag while she crouched down and took pictures of some (miraculously surviving) daisies.

“So we’re supposed to take pictures of trees?” Maddie said so only the few people around us could here.

“Well that’s what nature is right?” I said snapping a quick picture of her, she blinked in surprise of the flash and then hit me in the arm, so I took another picture and before she could hit me I ran into the trees quickly before Miss Morrison could see.

As I ran I heard the swoosh of branches behind me and I knew Maddie was chasing me. I swiftly passed through the big trees and jumped over the occasional bush. After what seemed like half hour (but probably wasn’t) I took a glance back and saw she was right on my heels, so I sprinted forward even though my lungs felt like they were going to explode. (Mental Note: Limit myself to one cig a day, it’s probably not healthy for me to feel like this when I am only eighteen.)

“You can run forever!” I shout back at Maddie.

“I was on the track team for a year or two,” She shouted at me.

“I can tell,” I said under my breath still huffing forward through the trees.

I heard her giggle and this made me look back, then I hit a short bush and toppled over it, Maddie came soon after it landing on top of me her knee just barely missing my balls, I should also start praying more often because I probably would have cried if she had hit me in the privates, her land was not soft on my part.

“Oh god, I’m sorry,” Maddie said struggling.

“Don’t hit my balls!” I said a little too loudly and high pitched so she stopped immediately, she lifted her head and her hair fell over her face, and then simultaneously we both started laughing our heads off. She laid her head down on my chest as we laughed and I slowly moved my hands onto her back holding her body to mine. She didn’t notice so we both kept laughing. After a good ten minutes our laughter died down and Maddie moved her legs out around mine to get up, I quickly put one of my hands on the crest of her neck and brushed my thumb against her soft, cool face. She stopped moving and looked at me with her big gorgeous eyes, her face just inches from mine. I inclined my head towards hers and closed my eyes, ready for impact.

“Wait,” She whispered softly right before our lips met, but I didn’t listen and pressed my lips against hers. I took my hand away from her neck and trailed it up into her soft pink hair holding her head so that she wouldn’t move away while my other hand touched beneath her armpit and made its way down her back. Then suddenly I felt her soft tongue in my mouth and I let out a tiny moan, reality seemed dawn on her and she jumped up and away from me, “Gerard! What were you thinking! We can’t- No! That was wrong!” She shouted throwing her fists in the air while pacing.

I got up and walked towards her, a little closer than normal and grabbed her shoulders, “Maddie, stop, just forget the rest of the world okay? They don’t matter,” I said moving closer to her.

“No, Gerard! We both have other people; I shouldn’t have let it happen.” She said and flung herself onto the ground and let out a dry sob.

“Hey,” I said realizing she was really upset, “it’s okay, okay well maybe that wasn’t okay, but no one saw that okay? It won’t ever happen again okay? I promise, and I won’t tell the guys.”

“Gee, that’s not the problem, I know that you won’t tell anyone, I know you won’t try it again.” She said looking down so her hair covered her face and her body shook with a new sob and I put my arm around her pulling her into my lap.

“Then what’s the problem?” I asked quietly trying to hold her firmly so she wouldn’t shake.

“The problem is,” She said sniffling but still looking at the ground so her face was hidden, “I liked it.”

Her words hit me so hard I let go of her, but then quickly grabbed her again because she began to cry even harder.

“Oh, well I liked it too,” I said and she paused for a second but kept crying, “Hey, will you please look at me?”

She shook her head no and I sighed, “Why not?”

“My makeup’s running,” She said.

I laughed; “I don’t care, you’re beautiful,” Then I realized what I’d said, “In a totally friendly way.”

She giggled and lifted her head, but looked forward at the trees; not at me. I lifted one of my hands and touched the opposite side of her face moving her head so I could see her whole face. She avoided my eyes but I smiled and wiped her eyeliner so it was smudged anymore. Then two fresh tears rolled down her face.

“Maddie?” I said and she looked at me.

“Yes?” She said back.

“If we both liked it, why can’t we be together?” I asked and she cocked her head a little to the right.

We sat in silence for a moment then, “Because we barely know each other, Gee I like you but I don’t know you, I mean what if we do go out then we turn out to hate each others personalities and then Dan won’t take me back and your girlfriend will.. I don’t know, hate you? Gee I have to get to know you, I don’t want to rush anything and I think making out the first day I meet you is rushing.”

“Maddie,” I took a deep breath, “I don’t have a girlfriend; I lied to you.” I couldn’t bring myself to meet her eyes; I could only imagine how angry they looked.

“Why?” She said breathlessly.

“Because I liked you, I didn’t want to seem like a loser who can’t get girls or something,” I said still avoiding her eyes.

She giggled which made me look at her, “Why do guys always think that?” She asked.

“Have you looked in the mirror lately? A lot of guys like you Maddie and I imagine all the guys who can get girls look a lot better than me, so I guess I wanted to be one of those guys for you or at least pretend to be,” I said and she smiled a little bit.

Then she smacked me across the face, “Never lie to me ever again,” She said.

“I disserved that,” I said rubbing the place on my face, I was sure it was red already.

“To hell you did!” She said then her eyes were sympathetic, “Oh that looks bad,” She put her hand on my cheek and examined my battle wound, “I should be fine, it doesn’t hurt,” I said then put my hand on hers, she quickly pulled it away.

“You promised nothing would happen,” She said quietly.

“I know, but I never said I wouldn’t want it to happen,” I said and she kissed me square on the lips. Did I say SHE kissed ME? Just making sure I was clear.

“Gerard,” She mumbled as she began deepening the kiss.

Finally I knew this wouldn’t end well so I stopped making out with her, she noticed and sat back, “Thanks,” She said and I nodded.

“I think we should go back to the rest of the class,” I said and helped her up. We walked back to school in dead silence, but frankly it wasn’t an awkward silence.

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