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Chapter 7- Comparisons Are Easily Done

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Things are getting even hotter between Gerard and Maddie.

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Hey guys sorry i havent writeen in a while i went on vacation and didnt have any internet but i typed up like three chapters so enjoy!

Chapter 7- Comparisons Are Easily Done

Gerards POV

“MIKEY!” I shouted as I ran out of my room and stood at the top of the stairs, “What the hell is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, I made her wait outside though, what do you want me to do?” Mikey said inching slowly towards the door.

“Tell her I’m not home,” I say and Mikey pops open the door a couple inches.

“Gerard says he’s not home,” Mikey said and I threw my pillow down the stairs and hit him square in the back of the head making his face smack against the door.

“FINE!” Mikey said throwing the door open so I could see Maddie standing shocked still in our doorway, “Welcome into our household Madison, make yourself at home!” Mikey gave me an angry look then stomped down to the basement leaving me and Maddie alone.

“Hey,” She said breathlessly and she closed the door.

“Hi,” I said still standing at the top of the stairs.

“Um, I’m really sorry about-“

“Using me?” I finished for her and she sighed.

“Gerard, you can’t believe them, Julia wants Dan so bad she would do anything. I swear I’m not a whore,” She said and looked really upset.

“Maddie… why? Why are you here? Why did you kiss me? Why did you lead me this far? Why did Julia say you were a whore? Why are you putting me in this position? Why the hell are you even bothering me?” I said and she took a couple steps towards the stairs.

“I’m here because I really like you and wanted to talk to you, I kissed you because I really like you, I led you this far because I’m stupid, Julia said I was a whore because I was one, I don’t mean to put you in this position I just really really like you, and I’m sorry I am bothering you I just cant stop thinking about you.” She finished and put a foot on the first step.

“You don’t know me,” I said and her eyes filled with tears.

“I know,” She said and took a step on the stairs.

“I don’t know you either,” I said and she took another step.

“I know,” She said; another step.

“You shouldn’t be here,” I said; another step.

“I know,” She said; another step.

“Stop,” I said, but she still took another step, “Get out of my house,”

She took another step up but gave me a confused look, “Why?”

“Unless you break up with Dan, I’m not going to do anything with you, I am not going to flirt, kiss, anything. We can only talk about school and that’s it.” I said but she took another step towards me, she was only five steps down, if we both reached out our arms we could touch.

“Are you going to Molly’s party Saturday?” She asked and took another step forward like I hadn’t just said anything at all.

“Maybe, why?” I asked her and she smiled taking another step towards me; three steps.

“You should go, it’ll be fun,” She said taking another step; two steps, “There’ll be dancing, and alcohol, and for Maolly and Chaz; sex,” She said taking another step and placing her hands on my abs.

“Now you really need to go,” I said but she was making me incredibly hard.

“Why? You like it,” She said smiling and laying her chin on my chest.

“Are you dating Dan?” I asked and one of her hands began to twirl down my abs.

“Maybe,” She said and her hand drifted over my balls and stopped there. She giggled and I looked towards the ceiling with my eyes closed praying that I would be able to tell her to stop, “I knew you liked it.”

“Maddie, we really shouldn’t be-“

“Yo, Way family!! Whoa,” Ray said when he saw Maddie and I. I leapt away from her, she stood still and kept her hands held up in mid-air where they had been just seconds before.

“Cockblock! Rollout!” Frank said and they all started walking backwards out of the house.

“No it’s okay,” I said swallowing, “We’re done.”

Maddie smiled and all the guys’ eyes where the size of walnuts as she hopped down the stairs and gracefully walked out of the house.

Once she had pulled out of the driveway Bob whistled, “Sorry man.”

”Damn, was she feeing you up?” Ray asked and I climbed down the stairs to help them move the gear into the basement.

“Sort of,” I said grabbing an amp.

“I thought you were supposed to feel her up,” Frank said as we walked down the stairs to see Mikey watching South Park on the small TV.

“Whoa who’s feeling who up?” Mikey said walking over to help.

“Maddie was feeling Getard up,” Ray said and he put down all the gear near Matt’s old drum set that we keep in our basement for practices so we don’t have to load Bob’s drums everywhere.

“No way, I knew there was something going on between you two,” Mikey said and plugged in all the wires and amps.

“There isn’t anything going on,” I said trying to look busy with the microphone.

“Dude her hand was basically down your pants, I’m surprised she wasn’t jerking you off,” Bob said.

“Damn, did it really look that way?” Mikey asked Frank and he nodded vigorously.

“Oh never mind, we’re here to practice aren’t we?” I asked and they all rolled there eyes but got there instruments.

“What do you want to do first?” Frank asked and Ray said something about Headfirst for Halos, as usual I totally blanked out as we rehearse.

When we play I’m not really in the room with them, I’m somewhere else (or as my dad would say I go to my “soul home”). I usually end up thinking about whatever goes on during my usual day so you can assume that today was no usual day. All I could think about was Maddie. Was she really a whore? Did she mean it when she said she cared about me? Is she really trying to change? What was I going to do tomorrow when we have about every class together? What would I say? Would it be awkward? Or is she going to try to rape me again? Rape. Is that what was going on here? Was I going to be raped? That doesn’t even seem logical, I mean she can’t really make me, can she? I guess she could blow me, but I could like put a lock on my pant zipper so she can’t. And I mean when would she have time? It’s not like she is going to do it during class right? I guess she could trap me in a closet during free period and force herself on me. I am just going to try to avoid her all day so that way I don’t run into her trying to rape me. Again.

“Uh, Gerard?” Ray said cutting off my mind babble.

“Yeah,” I said still standing in front of the mic while everyone was packing up.

“You seem kind of, well, off.” Ray said walking over to me, but I didn’t meet his eyes, I just kept looking straight at the wall.

“Yeah? How so?” I asked.

“Well you’re kind of just standing there, and during rehearsal you didn’t say a word. Not even when we asked you stuff. I know you kind of faze out but you usually respond when we talk to you.” Ray asked and the other guys started to notice the scene we were having.

“I need a beer,” I said and walked away from Ray and the other guys. I climbed the stairs of the basement and then the ones up to my room. I ran to my bed and pulled out a six pack of Duff Beer (yes it is a real beer it’s not just in the Simpson’s) and wrenched off the bottle top and to a massive swig.

“Gerard, come on man time to fess up,” I whirled around and Frank had walked in and plopped down onto my straight-out-of-the-seventies couch.

“I don’t want to ‘fess up’ Frank, I’m just not in the mood,” I said taking another big gulp.

“Hey hit me up,” Frank said and I threw him a beer, he popped it open and took a swig, “So what really happened to your face?”

“Drew hit me in the face because I was going to stand up for Maddie,” I said and Frank nodded.

“What was he doing to Maddie?” Frank asked it like Drew was molesting her.

“Tearing down her emotional wall, Maddie used to be a whore at her old school and that Julia girl who moved here during the second semester last year went to school with Maddie. So when she saw Maddie and I making out the woods behind the football field she flipped and told Drew everything because Maddie is dating a kid named Dan and Julia likes Dan so she is going to tell Dan and Dan will dump Maddie.” I said in a rush.

“You and Maddie made out in the woods behind the football field?” Frank asked like it was no big deal, I nodded, “Was she a good kisser?”

“Frank!” I shouted.

“What? It’s not a sin to be curious.” He said sheepishly, “So Maddie likes you or is she using you?”

“I don’t know, she is still dating Dan but we don’t really know each other yet so she is going to get to know me before she dumps Dan for me,” I said and Frank looked confused.

“Get to know you, or your cock?” He asked and when I was silent he continued, “You can’t do anything with her anymore Gerard, or she will never dump Dan and you will be her boy toy.”

“Boy toy?” What the fuck?

“Yeah Jamia told me that’s what guys are to whores.” Frank said looking semi-proud of himself.

“Oh so is that one of the girls you were hanging out with today at lunch?” I asked and he basically choked on his beer.

“No. That was Amanda, Jessica, Melissa, Brittany, Suzanne, and Becca. They are just friends, well except Becca she is so damn hot.” Frank said and rolled my eyes at him.

“So who is Jamia?” I asked.

“Just the most perfect girl in the entire world, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met,” She said letting out a sigh.

“Puke,” I said and he rolled his eyes.

“You don’t even know, she is totally perfect.” Frank said draining the last of his beer.

“Everyone said Maddie was perfect,” I said quietly.

“She and Jamia are completely different, yeah Maddie’s totally hot, but Jamia is hot and beautiful and cute and gorgeous all at the same time.” Frank said and sighed again.

“Dude, don’t start having an orgasm.” I said and Frank shot me a did you really just say that? look.

“So what are you going to do about Maddie?” Frank asked throwing his beer can into my tin trash can.

“I don’t know; if I did don’t you think I would already?” I said and began pacing.

“That’s true, but you looked like you really liked it when Maddie was - er - groping you.”

“Well yeah I did! I like her!” I yelled out in frustration, ”I just don’t want to have to compete with this Dan guy.”

”We could always kill him,” Frank said and I laughed.

“I think I am going to go out for a drive,” I said and grabbed my Dad’s extra car keys from my dresser.

“Dude it’s raining,” Frank said and I realized it was raining; really hard.

“I’ll drive you home then,” I said and walked out of my room with Frank on my heels.

“Gerard I can walk,” Frank said in protest but I was already opening the front door and running out into the rain to open the garage.

I hopped into the front seat and started the engine, I didn’t hear that Frank had gotten in until he closed the front door.

“You sure you’re okay to drive?” Frank asked looking concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I said throwing it into reverse and backing out of the driveway.

We drove to Franks in complete silence, the only sound was coming from the rain that was pounding against the roof. Then we were in front of his house.

“Gerard, don’t let her get to you, what happens is what’s supposed to happen,” Frank said and climbed out of the car and ran into his mom’s apartment.

“Nice try, Frank. Your mojo isn’t going to work this time,” I said and started to take the long way home.

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