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Chapter 8- Coraline

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Introducing.... CORALINE. In a pretty bad way.

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Chapter 8- Coraline

Gerards POV

I could barely see anything through the thick rain, making it more difficult to find my way home. I can see only silhouettes of trees and street signs I have to squint and pull right up to them to read them. And there is a lost dog sitting on the side of the road, I thought dogs hated storms. The dog just stood there doing nothing really, then even through the hard rain I saw its body begin to shake.

I slowed my car down and I was only like 500 yards away, and when the body collapsed onto the side of the road I realized it wasn’t a dog.

I sped up and pulled over right next to the person, I hopped out and ran over to them grabbing them by the shoulders. Their hair was long and fell in damp waves over their back and face. I flipped her over and noticed it was a girl; she was bleeding from her nose and looked extremely pale. I shook her and tried to wake her from her unconsciousness. I listened close and heard her breathing, so I picked her up and opened the front door of my car and placed her gently inside. I ran around the car and hopped inside and sped all the way back to my house.

I opened the door of the house and yelled for my mom for Mikey, but no one answered so I took the girl down to the basement and put her on my uncle’s old sofa. I ran upstairs and got the first AID kit from the medicine cabinet and a large glass of water along with an ice pack from the freezer.

I ran back downstairs and put the icepack on her bruised forehead. That’s when I realized who I was looking at. It was Coraline Johnson, I dated her all of freshman year and we broke up because her parents didn’t like me.

“Coraline,” I whispered and suddenly I felt sick.

I looked at the rest of her and she looked utterly horrible. Her shirt was fitted funny across her small chest (that I knew too well) and her jeans were the cute butt hugger ones that she still had from freshman year, but they were covered in blood (especially around the crotch area). I ripped off her shirt and there was a small gash from below her right boob to an inch above her bellybutton that had a small pink butterfly piercing in it. Damn I missed Coraline; her bra had a navy leopard print with a blue lace running across the top. Suddenly I wished I was still dating her and could kiss the small half-moon scar above her left breast.

Then I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled off her UGGs, her underwear matched her bra perfectly except for the blood covering it. She had a big cut that looked like an animal had mauled her, the wound started from her left hip all the way down and across her right leg and ended at her right knee. The wound was clean it was jagged and the skin flapped grossly away from the muscle. I hadn’t realized I was crying until I saw the tears falling into her cut. I quickly wiped them away, men weren’t supposed to cry.

I took a wad full of band-aids and started to peel them apart and put them on her cuts. Coraline hadn’t changed much since freshman year. She still had the same sandy-brown hair that was blonde in the summer and brown in the winter. Her eyes were slate grey and I could get lost in them. Her lips were the same; soft and pink they were thin and delicate. She was blemish free as usual and she had the tattoo of a butterfly (her mom’s favorite creature) right below her left ear.

She began too stir and I moved next to her head and brushed her damp hair out of her face. There was a sharp intake of breath and her eyes shot open. The whites of her eyes were bright red.

“Gerard?” She said in a shaky voice and tried to get up.

“No stay down, don’t move,” I said in a soothing voice.

“Am I in your basement?” She asked looking around.

“Yeah,” I said softly taking a strand of her hair and twirling it in my fingers.

“How did I get here?” She asked closing her eyes as if it hurt to talk.

“You were unconscious on the side of the road, I found you and took you home to get you help but my mom must be at work, and Mikey-“

“He’s getting IHOP with Bob,” Coraline finished for me and I looked at her in surprise, “It’s Thursday, Bob and Mikey always get IHOP at 9:37 on Thursday nights.”

I looked at the clock and it was 9:49.

“Yeah Bob and Mikey still do that,” I said and she laughed then winced in pain.

“Why am I in my underwear and bra?” She asked and I felt my face flush, I’m sure I had turned a bright, unattractive red.

“I had to find out why you were bleeding so much,” I said and peered to the blood soaked pile on the floor, “What happened to you?”

She looked up at me with her grey eyes that made me want to melt into a puddle.

“I don’t remember,” She said and began to cry, big snotted sobs.

I put my arm around her and climbed onto the remaining part of the couch, it was a damn big couch.

“It’s okay, you’re safe now,” I said soothing her.

“I went to Charlie’s Chicken, and this guy said my car had been repossessed. So I asked him if he could take me to the dealership to get my car back, then I remember getting in his truck and him taking a wrong turn then,” She closed her eyes trying to remember, “I was in the woods and he was raping me,” She began to cry again and I wiped away her tears like I did the day her parents broke us up, “Then he was running away and I was hit, by something, it was big and black and hurt my leg really bad so after it went away I tried to walk but I couldn’t, so I crawled as far as I could then, I don’t know. I don’t remember.” She was crying hard again and I was pulling her freezing cold body against my chest holding her still.

“Am I going to die?” She asked suddenly catching me off guard.

“No,” I said quickly.

“How bad is it?” She said slowly and I noticed she was slowly becoming more and more pale.

“Pretty bad, don’t look at it though, it will only make it worse,” I said. She nodded and closed her eyes.

“We have got to get you to a hospital,” I said jumping up and reaching for the phone.

“Gerard, no!” She shouted, her voice was hoarse and weak.

“Why not?” I asked walking back to her but still holding the phone.

“If I am going to die I want to die here with you, not in some hospital, not in an ambulance.” She said and I leaned up and kissed her forehead softly.

“I wish my parents liked you,” She whispered softly.

“Why do you say that?” I asked grabbing a blanket and covering her up then I laid down next to her, clinging to her cold body.

“Because, you were the best thing that ever happened to me,” She said and went still and silent. I closed my eyes and tried to fight back the tears but they came anyways and I couldn’t stop them. I tasted the saltiness of them as they fell down my cheeks and my nose and across my lips. How could this ever happen? Why Coraline? She was the sweetest girl in the world and yet she had to die this way?

“I’m not dead yet,” She whispered as if she heard my thought.

“I don’t want you to die,” I said and my tears started to fall on her cheeks.

“Gerard, do me a favor,” She said so quietly I wouldn’t have known she had spoken if I hadn’t seen her mouth move.

“Anything,” I said moving closer so I could hear her.

“Don’t let my lips die cold,” She said and I pressed my lips against hers. They tasted soft and sweet like they always had. Our tears that once mingled alone now joined together and were falling onto her hair. I missed Coraline, the taste of her and the smell of her. I missed having her all to myself. I wish Coraline was mine again, I wish Maddie never moved here and I wish Coraline was going to be alright. As I deepened the kiss I felt like nothing had ever changed, like we were back in freshman year, like the time we snuck out against her parents and had sex for the first time.

The memory tickled in my brain and I remembered how wonderfully planned out it was, we were under the big weeping willow in the woods by the middle school. We were deep enough in them that no one could hear us or find us.
“Gerard?” She asked me as we stared at the tops of the trees.
“Yeah?” I said back breathing in the great smell of everything.
“I love you,” She said quietly and I kissed her on the lips. We kissed for what seemed like hours and she was the first one to make a move. She began unzipping my hoodie and peeling it off my arms revealing my black wife beater. Then I took my hands from her head and back and found the hem of her shirt and began lifting it over her head. She took off my pants and I began to take of hers also, I was left in my boxers and socks and I rolled over on top of her and realized how beautiful she was. She was wearing a purple bra that made her boobs like great, and she was wearing a slinky pink poke-a-dotted thong. Then I saw the small half-moon scar right above her left breast and that was the first thing I kissed. She let out a tiny moan and reached down my body and began pulling off my boxers, and then I reached below her and unhooked her bra. I stopped kissing her and looked in her eyes. I gave her a questioning look and began to wonder if she really wanted to do this, she responded with a small smile and she slipped off her thong. I kissed her square on the lips with such a force I could feel Coraline smiling, she let out a small gasp that turned into a sigh and while we made love I mumbled, “I love you too, Coraline.”

“Gerard? Mikey?” I heard the great voice of my mom yell from the front door.

“MOM!” I shouted breaking the kiss.

My mom came running down the stairs in her scrubs, took one look at the ghost white Coraline and flew to my side shouting instructions at me.

“Pick her up Gerard, slowly and take her to the van we have to get her to the hospital right away, theres no time for an ambulance. Grab all the blankets, keep talking to her. Keep her awake, keep her calm, Coraline honey you are going to be fine.” My mom said and we all slowly moved to my mom’s van. I hopped in the back laying Coraline across the seat and put her head on my lap.

“Coral? Come on wake up,” I said and her eyes opened ever so slightly, “You’re going to make it, I promise.” She blinked at me and that was enough for me.

I kept talking to her as my mom went 80 on a 45 road all the way to the hospital where she pulled up to the ER and we ran in.

“Donna?” One of the nurses at the door asked and my mom yelled at her to get a stretcher and open any OR to take care of Coraline.

A short but muscular man walked up and took Coraline from me without saying anything and put her on the stretcher. Without any word of what I was supposed to do, my mom and all the nurses ran Coraline through the hall and left me with my arms still up in the air holding the ghost of my old love.

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