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Chapter 11- Dreaming

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Chapter 11- Dreams

Gerard's Dream

“Gerard! Stop it!” Coraline yelled as I chased her around the football field on a Saturday night.

“Make me!” I yelled back at her and sprinted after her finally I got close enough to grab her from around the waist and pull her tight into an embrace.

“No!” She shrieked and I tickled her and she burst out laughing and crumpled to the ground.
I lay on top of her midriff and lifted up her arms tickling her until she started to turn bright red. I climbed off of her and lay down beside her.

She smacked my chest and said, “Asshole,” and I laughed.

“You totally liked it,” I teased and she sneered at me.

“Oh please, it’s not like you didn’t have the pleasure either,” She said staring up at the starlit sky.

“I never said
I didn’t like it,” I said rolling my eyes at her.

“I never said I didn’t like it either,” She said in a total serious voice and caught me with her beautiful grey eyes.

“You implied it,” I said and that cracked a smile on her face.

“I may have,” She said looking back at the sky again.

“Hey Coral?” I said still looking at her.


“Do you think we will make it all four years of high school?” She froze. Then she looked at me. She looked frightened.

“I don’t know, I hope so,” She said and I could tell I had scared her; I had probably sounded like I was going to break up with her soon.

“Me too,” I said putting my arm around her shoulder and pulling her close letting her head rest on my chest.

“You still have to meet my parents though,” She said quietly and I smiled.

“Yeah I know,” I sighed, I was sort of dreading meeting her parents.

“They keep asking about you.”

”We have only been going out for like a month!” I said and she giggled.

“I know, but they still want to meet you! I mean if I keep refusing to bring you home they will think I am making you up.”

“But I am real,” I said quietly and she tilted her head up to look at me.

“Yeah I know, but they don’t. Will you please come meet them?” She asked me and I stared into her dazzling eyes and wanted to do whatever she wanted just so I could keep staring into her eyes, “Why are you gawking at me?” She asked and that broke my trance.

I smiled at her, “Because you’re so damn beautiful,” I said and she smiled back at me.

“Guess what,” She said and chewed on her bottom lip.

“What?” I said back and she kissed me straight on the lips. My first kiss.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the pleasure of the whole thing. The way she tasted and how soft and sweet she was. I wanted to hold her and never let go, I didn’t want this to end. Ever. Then she moved from my side and laid down on top of me and I held her closely. She felt so delicate and small in my arms, so precious. Then she started to deepen the kiss and it was easy to make out with her. Easier than I thought it would be, actually. I took my chances and took one of my hands from her back down to her butt which I cupped ever so gently. Then I took my other hand and trailed it up her shirt and found the wire of her bra and laid my hand down there. I didn’t want to push her too far. Her hands went around my shoulders and one went into my hair and gave me Goosebumps. This felt so good, I liked touching her and I liked her responding. So I moved the hand that was under her shirt to the clasp on her bra and I heard a small noise as it came undone.

Then she pulled away.
No. So I didn’t stop and moved my lips down her neck.

“Gerard, please stop,” She said breathlessly.

“Umm, you taste so good,” I said still kissing her neck.

“You sound so… so sexy and turned-on,” Coraline said and I smiled while I kissed, “You need to stop,” She said but she didn’t sound like she really wanted me to stop. So I didn’t.

“She told you to stop,” A serious deep voice said and my head shot up away from Coraline’s neck and I peered up through the darkness.

“What the fu-“

“I highly suggest you two go home before you get suspended. Especially you young man, you could be charged with sexual harassment.” The man said and I helped Coraline up.

“It was all good fun, sir,” She said sweetly but I heard her voice shaking.

“I don’t think it was, at least not for you,” He said and I still couldn’t find out who this guy was through the darkness. I mean his voice didn’t ring any bells.

“It was sir, I love him, and I don’t think I was serious about what I said when you found us,” She said and I smiled at her and grabbed her hand twisting my fingers through hers.

“I don’t want to see you two doing this ever again,” He said.

“Yes, sir, we promise.” I said and I could hear the crunch of his feet on the fake grass as he walked away.

I let out a deep sigh, “At least we weren’t doing
it,” I said and I heard her giggle then she tugged on my arm and we began walking towards the street.

“Yeah that would be really awkward if he found us,” She said and we both laughed.

“So… why’d you ask me to stop if you liked it?” I asked and the air became dead and silent.

“I don’t want to move to fast,” She said quietly and we started walking on the sidewalk heading towards her house.

“Me either, but I really like kissing you,” I said and nudged her side.

“I like kissing you too,” She said and I smiled what I assumed a humongous smile.

“So looks like we can’t hangout on the football field anymore, where do you want to go for our next date?” I asked as we crossed the street and entered her subdivision.

“Um… we could always go to the elementary school playground,” She suggested and I thought about it, I don’t think anyone would be hanging around there

“Yeah maybe,” I said and we turned onto her street, and I stopped walking.

“What?” She asked and I realized we were right under the streetlight.

“I don’t think I should walk you much farther,” What if her dad or mom came to the door?

“My parents are out of town for the weekend, I mean my Nana Jo is watching my brother and me, but she is probably asleep right now,” She said and pulled on my hand.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I was really uneasy about this whole situation.

“Yeah, I’m positive,” She said and tugged me forward and we walked to her house.

Her house was a medium size, and had a big porch with two brick railing type things that were probably good to lie on and read. We walked up the stairs and she stopped before she entered the house.

“Night,” She said and opened the door a smidge.

“Wait!” I said my voice was a tiny bit shaky.

“Yeah?” She asked and I pulled her hand back towards me so she was just a few inches away from me.

“Well you know what people do when, they um, say goodbye, right?” I asked and stared down at my sneakers.

“I think so,” She said and my head shot up, was she being serious? So I closed the space between us and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then I opened my eyes and smiled at her.

“Goodnight,” I said and kissed her again. Then she smiled at me and walked inside the house. She closed the door and I began walking back to my house with a slight hop in my step.

“WOO HOO!” I shouted through the subdivision.

“Shut up!” Someone yelled from a house and I didn’t mind while I ran home.

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