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Chapter 12- Uno and Super Mario

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“I dreamt about her last night, she told me she was still alive and that she would find a way back to us, back to you. She told me she promised you she wouldn’t leave you and she’d come back....

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Hey guys sorry i havent been giving you pics of what i imagine the new characters to look like but yeah here they are!
Coraline (i imagine her without the tattoos) -
Joyce -
Caitlin -

Chapter 12- Uno and Super Mario

Gerard's POV

I woke up like someone had dowsed ice cold water on me. The dream of Coraline and I had actually happened. It was the first time ever that we had kissed and yet I remembered it so well that I had a dream about it? Ugh I missed her.

I got out of bed and glance at the clock; it was already two in the afternoon! Shit! I ran downstairs to find all the guys and my parents and Maddie sitting in our living room. The conversation stopped when I came tumbling down the stairs.

“Dude, word of advice,” Frank said between laughs, “Put some clothes on.”

I blushed deeply and ran back up the stairs in my room and I heard the echo of everyone’s laughter downstairs as I grabbed some clothes from the clean clothes hamper and pulled them on.
I slowly walked back down the stairs and this started a fresh round of laughs and I stomped my way into the kitchen where there was sushi and waffles on the counter waiting for me.

I grabbed a fork out of the drawer and shoveled down the waffles, I didn’t hear Bob come in so I jumped when he began to talk.

“No hard feelings?” He asked and I nodded, my mouth was completely full with food.

“Just trying to lighten up the tension, you know?” He said and I nodded again, “Hey man, you can talk to us about Coraline-“I shuddered at the sound of her name “- if you want too, I mean we totally understand.”

“Yeah,” I tried to say but it sounded more like ‘yeehh’ because I was busy chewing on sushi.

“Did you have fucked up dreams too?” He asked me and I froze, what the hell?

“Wuhhtefudd?” I asked and Bob smiled a weak smile.

“I dreamt about Coraline last night, well it was about everyone I guess, it was weird I don’t remember much, I just remember her and you specifically.” Bob said looking deep in thought.

“Oh,” Was all I could say and I swallowed a big gulp of food and washed it down with some apple juice.

“You never really answered my question,” Bob said looking at me and I could tell he saw right through my ‘I-will-eat-so-I-cant-answer’ game.

“Yeah I did, but it wasn’t fucked up,” I said and then chomped on some more sushi ignoring the fact that Bob probably knew what I was trying to do.

“Oh okay, well we’re all here for each other, right?” He asked and I looked at him and saw he probably didn’t sleep well last night because his eyes were blood-shot and he had huge bags under them.

“When you’re done we will all be out in the living room,” He said then walked out to join everyone else.

I finished the last of my waffle then slowly but surely washed my plate and put it in the dishwasher then made my way to the couches.

Everyone looked up when I walked in a sat down next to Mikey, my mom and dad smiled as did Ray and Bob. Frank gave me a rather twitchy wave, and Mikey patted my arm awkwardly. Maddie was the only one who stood up walked over and gave me a big hug, and said, “Hey,” then she walked back to her seat next to Ray.

“How’re you feeling?” My mom asked and everyone stared at me giving me a worried expression.

“Uh, fine?” I said staring back at them with my eyebrows raised.

“You sure?” My dad added and I nodded.

“Okay so it’s pretty obvious you’re not fine,” Frank said and everyone stared at him with looks of anger, “What! I mean are any of us fine?”

There was no response and Frank crossed his arms smirking at himself, obviously proud of his work. To make things more awkward and silent.

“Mr. Johnson called today;” My mom said quietly, “The funeral’s going to be this Sunday.”

“Why so soon?” Mikey asked.

“They probably want all the mourning done as soon as possible, honey,” My mom said sweetly and I couldn’t help but thinking that Mr. Johnson and Max wouldn’t be done mourning once the funeral was over I knew I wouldn’t be.

I hadn’t realized I said this aloud until I felt everyone’s gaze at me and my face felt hot again.

“It’s alright, Gerard,” My dad said and I smiled simply at him.

“Okay so I know this is a really bad time, but can we play Uno? I haven’t played it in so long!” I looked up at Frank and followed his gaze to the sets of cards in the corner of the room and sure enough a deck of Uno cards were sitting right on top.

“Sure!” Ray said although I don’t think he has the authority to decide that but no one protested so he hopped up and got the Uno cards then shuffled them (black jack dealer way) and then gave us all seven cards.

I flipped mine over and I had two yellows, three reds, a blue, and change color card. The top card was a yellow 3 and Mikey placed down a yellow 4, so I put down my yellow 7 and then of course retarded Ray put down a green 7 and my dad and mom both had green cards along with Maddie, Bob, and Mikey.

“Shit!” I shouted aloud and took the top card, it was red. Then I took another, it was blue, then another, yellow.

“You know you can put down a change color card if you don’t have any greens,” Mikey said and I noticed he was looking at my cards.

“HEY!” I shouted punching him in the arm then yelled, “RED!” And everyone laughed.

“Hey! You looked at my cards! You knew I didn’t have any reds!” Mikey shouted at me.

“I didn’t then, but I do now!” I shouted and Mikey threw his cards at me.

Then I threw cards at him and we all got together in a huge Uno card war. So it ended up being me, my dad, and Frank, against Maddie, Bob, Ray, and Mikey while my mom sat out yelling at us if we got close to breaking something or hurting the furniture.

“Haha take this!” I shouted throwing a red at Mikey hitting him straight in the arm.

“No! You got my arm!” He said shouting in fake pain. Then I shot another red at him and this time hit him square in the chest, “No!” He shouted then fell to the ground dramatically. I jumped over him then threw a blue at Ray (who was in pursuit with Frank) hitting him in the back of the head making him fall to the floor like Mikey. Frank gave me a high-five then was hit by a yellow that came from Maddie.

“No! Frank!” I yelled as Frank fell to his knees clutching his chest.

“Win the war, Gerard,” Frank mock-gasped.

“I will Frankie!” I said then shot up just in time to see Mikey through a green at my dad hitting him right above the crotch and instead of fake-dying he walked over to my mom and sat down next to her holding her hand.

“You’ll never win now!” Mikey yelled hysterically and he jumped over the couch throwing card after card at me, I dodged every one of them but then Maddie shot one and got me in the leg.

“No!” I shouted falling to my knees.

“Oh yes!” Mikey yelled as he stood above me then I threw a card quickly at him and got him right in the heart.

Mikey stared dramatically at his wound, then fell backwards, and Frank cheered, “Served you right, beotch!” Then Maddie came up behind me and stuck a card into the back of my neck (well not really into she just sort of pressed it into my skin).

“Gotcha,” She whispered so only I could hear. And I fell forward on top of Mikey who then jumped up cheering.

“Yeah! We win!” He shouted giving Maddie a high-five then hugging her and picking her up.

“Victory is ours!” Ray shouted as he bounced over with Bob. They did a little victory dance.

“We were so out-numbered,” Frank muttered and we all laughed.

“Jealous much, Frank?” Ray asked and Frank punched Ray in the arm whilst pouting.

Ray just rolled his eyes and we all started cleaning up the Uno cards that covered the living room floor.

There were two soft knocks on the door and my mom walked over and opened the door up, Caitlin and Joyce were standing right in the doorway.

“Hey,” Joyce said softly, “Can we come in?” My mom waved her hand and they both walked in.
Joyce was a small girl, she had brown hair that fell in waves down to her boobs. She was dressed in jean shorts and a plaid top with black low tops on, making her look sort of prep. Caitlin on the other hand was dressed full prep, she was one of Coraline’s friends who was popular but had a lot of friends who weren’t. Caitlin was as tall as I was and had long dark hair and was dressed in an Abercrombie sweater with a blue flowery tank top underneath and jean shorts with the Hollister insignia on it, her shoes were flip flops.

“How are you girls?” My dad said handing me all the Uno cards he said and walked over to my mom putting his arm around her waist.

“Tough night, but we made it through,” Joyce said with a small smile and Caitlin nodded.

“Yeah I think it was tough for all of us,” Ray said and we all mumbled our agreements.

“So I see we aren’t the only ones who played hooky today,” Caitlin said smiling at Ray; hmm I wonder what she’s thinking I mean they’re both tall, it’s only natural logic. He smiled back. Hah, I’m a genius.

“Yeah, great minds think alike,” Ray said and Caitlin’s smile got wider.

“Vomit,” Bob whispered in my ear and I laughed.

“Well we were just wondering if it was okay if we stayed here with you guys, we were kind of lonely,” Joyce said and my mom took her hand.

“Of course you can stay here, the more the merrier,” She said letting go of Joyce and returning to my father.

“Sounds good to me,” Mikey said and we all walked over by the TV and sat down.

“So why are there Uno cards everywhere?” Joyce asked as she sat down in-between Mikey and I.

“We had an epic war, you only just missed it,” Maddie said and we all laughed.

“Sounds like fun, sorry we couldn’t have gotten here earlier,” Caitlin said. Ray smiled to himself and I cocked an eyebrow at him. He shook his head and looked away.

“So what should we do now?” Frank asked and we all went silent.

“It was your idea to play Uno, think of something else,” I said and he smiled.

“I want some Taco Bell,” He said and rubbed his stomach.

“You’re hungry? We only just fed you!” My mom said and got up shaking her head as she walked into the kitchen.

“I’m a growing boy I can’t help it when I’m hungry!” He shouted after her and we heard her snort making us all laugh.

“I think I am going to go for a walk,” Mikey said suddenly getting up to put his shoes on.

“That sounds nice, mind if I join you?” Joyce asked sweetly and Mikey nodded. Then the both walked out the door.

“Dude Mikey is so going to get some,” Frank said lying back in his chair and I immediately looked at Caitlin who giggled.

“How can you tell? And don’t be rude in front of a lady, asshole,” Bob said and Frank gave him an oh please look.

“Come on guys, we all know that Mikey’s going to do his little sensitive-charming but smart thing and get her to really like him. Then he’s going to plant one on her and be like ‘I don’t want to go to far though’ and she’ll be like ‘No it’s okay’ and then they’ll make out and you know how we’ve all heard what great things Mikey can do to women in the ‘heat of the moment’ and stuff so yeah, he is getting some.”

“Mikey use’s people?” Maddie asked.

“No, he is just good at getting girls he likes.” I said and this was totally true, Mikey didn’t use his charm on girls unless he liked them, if he just wanted to get some he would flat out tell them and it usually works.

“Hey, I was just wondering, do you guys want to go to Molly’s party tomorrow? I mean I totally understand if you don’t I just think it might be fun for all of us you know, just getting away from all the drama.” Maddie said and we all looked from one another.

“Just sounds like more drama to me,” Bob said and Ray nodded.

“Yeah I mean Molly’s parties are usually drama-filled,” Ray said.

“Yeah well sort of,” Maddie sighed.

“Hah, I think we should go, I mean who cares, lets just go forget,” Caitlin said and we all turned and looked at her, “Come on guys, I mean we all loved Coral and don’t want to forget her and we never will! But I think she would want us to have fun and not mourn I mean that’s how she was, she said tears were such a waste of salt water.” Caitlin was right; Coraline said that whenever someone cried.

“So does that mean we are going to Molly’s party?” Frank asked

I sighed, “Yeah I guess it does,” Maddie smiled widely at me.

“It’s going to be fun I promise,” Maddie said and put her hand on mine, I pulled my hand away from her and she didn’t seem to notice.

“Hey don’t you have some sort of video games in this house?” Frank asked.

“Yeah,” I said and reached under the entertainment center and pulled out an Xbox.

“Yes!” Frank said and pulled out Super Mario Bro’s and put the disk in.

“Come on guys lets play!” He said putting in four controllers and passing them to Bob, Ray, and Maddie.

“Hey Gerard, can I talk to you?” Caitlin asked and I nodded, walking to the back room.

“What’s up?” I asked her and sat down on the old love seat across from the computer.

“Maddie likes you; a lot.” She said and I gave her a confused look, “I can tell, and Gerard I’m not saying this as Coraline’s best friend I am saying it as your friend, you shouldn’t feel guilty about liking Maddie because you loved Coraline when she died. I mean I feel guilty about thinking of Joyce as my new best friend even though I, Coral, and Joyce were best friends before Coral died. I know how you feel Gerard and I’m sure Coral would totally understand I mean you were broken up even though you still loved each other, and you probably would have started going out with Maddie if Coraline hadn’t died so what’s your deal? Why can’t you just accept that it’s perfectly okay to like other people?”

“It’s just going to take time,” I said and Caitlin sighed.

“Yeah I know, I’m not expecting you to get over her right away, I just want you to know that you should keep your options open, because Coral can’t come back.” Caitlin said and I heard her voice shaking with sadness.

I stood up and walked over to her taking her into my arms and she started bawling.

“I miss her so damn much!” Caitlin said through tears and I rubbed her back still clutching her as she shook with her sobs.

“I know, we all do,” I said soothingly.

“I dreamt about her last night, she told me she was still alive and that she would find a way back to us, back to you. She told me she promised you she wouldn’t leave you and she’d come back. I can’t help but hoping she was telling the truth, I want her back so much!” Caitlin said sobbing. How had she known Coraline promised me she wouldn’t leave me like I had promised her?

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