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Chapter 14- Too Fast

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“Because,” He mumbled, “Too fast,” then kissed he me like there was no tomorrow.

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Chapter 14 -

Gerard's POV

“What?!” We all said in unison.

“Some private school kids thought it would be funny and now half the school is burnt to the ground,” Frank said quietly and I could tell he was worried about Jamia.

“Is anybody hurt?” Joyce asked.

“Not that Jamia could tell me, she said that once the fire alarms went off everyone scrammed from the school, some kids even drove home,” Frank said and we all sat there in silence.

“It’s only the second day of school,” Maddie said shaking her head.

“Those private school kids must really hate us,” Bob said.

“Yeah but why? I mean the football season hasn’t even started yet? Don’t they do things like this once the season’s over?” I asked and Ray shrugged.

“They must not want us to play this year,” Mikey said and we all were quiet.

“Or there star football player got really, really mad at his ex-girlfriend for dumping him.” Maddie said quietly and we all looked at her, she looked like she might want to cry.

“What are you saying?” Frank asked as if she was speaking some different language.

“It was Dan, wasn’t it,” I said and Maddie nodded.

“He said he’d get back at Belleville for ruining his life, I didn’t think he was serious,” She said and everyone gave us confused looks.

“That sounds pretty serious to me!” Frank yelled and Maddie squirmed uncomfortably.

“It’s not her fault, okay? I mean guys have weird ways of showing their feelings and this must be her ex-boyfriends way of being mad. This is not. Her. Fault.” Caitlin said and no one said anything.

“FRANK?!” We heard the opening of my front door and Frank got up and ran out of the room.

“JAMIA!” Frank shouted and picked her up in a tight embrace, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, I don’t think anyone was hurt,” She said and I noticed the ashes on her clothes.

“How did the school get lit on fire?” Bob asked her and she let go of Frank but held his hand.

“I don’t know, I was at volleyball practice and the fire alarm went off, I mean there was football, cheerleading, poms, soccer, swimming, cross country, volleyball, tennis,” She took a deep breath, “And some other clubs still at the school so I don’t know how many people were there.”

“That’s so crazy,” Caitlin said and we all nodded.

“Do you want to stay here with us?” Frank asked her and Jamia looked uncertain.

“I want to but I am sure my mom’s worried sick, I better call her, can I use your phone?” She asked Frank and he pulled his phone out of his pocket and they both walked to the back room.

“Maybe it’s on the news,” Ray suggested and we all surrounded the TV.

I flicked it on and turned to channel four where the news lady was talking in frantic bits.
All citizens close to Belleville High school please evacuate to a safe distance away form the school. Belleville High School was engulfed in flames at about 6 o’clock tonight. The fire is still burning down the high school and as you can see now She gestured to the small screen of our high school on fire that had just popped up the fire departments are doing there best to control the fire. Police departments say that they haven’t found the cause of the fire, but they assure us that no one has been hurt. Also a note for all Belleville High School students and faculty: there will be no school until the administrative board finds a place satisfactory for the education of the students. We await more news regardless of the fire, and will update you as soon as possible.

“Well at least we don’t have any school,” Mikey said and it didn’t make us the least bit happy.

“Where the hell are they going to find another place to put 1,561 kids?” Bob asked and nobody answered.

“It’s supposed to rain again tonight though,” Joyce said and we all looked at her, “I assume the rain with help put out the fire.”

Then as if she jinxed it, it began to rain buckets.

“Damn, you must be psychic,” Maddie said and we all laughed.

“I don’t think it would be good for us to try to get home,” Joyce said and she walked over to the window peering out into the rain.

“Yeah I don’t want to drive in this weather,” Caitlin said joining them and thunder echoed in the sky, “Is it alright if we stay here?”

“Yeah it’s cool,” Mikey said walking up behind Joyce and putting his hands on her waist.

“So where are we all going to sleep?” Ray asked.

“Well there’s the guest bedroom, my room, Mike’s room, the basement, the couches, the backroom has a futon in it. I’m sure we will find space for all of us to sleep.” I said and then the power went out, “Fuck my life.”

“Ouch! Who stepped on my foot?” Ray shouted.

“It was just me silly,” Caitlin said softly from over by the recliner and I knew she was probably sitting on Ray’s lap by now.

“Oh, okay,” I heard Ray say and Caitlin giggled.

“Hey what’s going on?” I heard Frank say through the darkness, “Why’d the power go out?”

“Because it’s storming outside, Jeesh use your common sense Frank.” Bob said and we all laughed.

“Shut up, asshole. All the other houses have power, why don’t we?” He asked and I walked over to the window, he was right all the other houses had there lights on.

“The fuse must have been blown out by the wind again,” Mikey sighed and I knew he was going to make me go plug it back in.

“I think it’s your turn to go fix it,” I said and Mikey snorted.

“I don’t know how!” He shouted and I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me.

“Fine I’ll fix the damn thing,” I said and opened the door but was knocked back a step by the burst of wind, “Holy shit!” I shouted.

“I’ll help you,” Maddie said and she was at my side and we walked out into the rain.

The rain fell in big drops that pelted us like bullets as we ran around to the side of the house where the fuse box was. I felt Maddie’s hand in mine as we ran and I didn’t pull it away, if she got lost out here it would down right suck balls to find her again because I could barely see a foot in front of me. I ran my hand along the side of the house until it hit something. I squinted through the rain and saw the big metal fuse box. I pried it open and looked around to find the plug, but everything was in it’s right place.

“What’s the matter?” Maddie shouted at me through the wind and rain.

“Nothing! The plugs already in!” I shouted back.

“That doesn’t make any sense! How come we don’t have power?” She asked and I shrugged even though she probably couldn’t see it.

I slammed the fuse box shut and started running back in the house when Maddie slipped and fell in the mud taking me with her. I was already soaked with water and now I was covered in mud. Maddie looked at me and we both started cracking up. Then I stood up and helped her up and she slid again and I caught her in my arms. She looked up at me and smiled, she looked really hot today. She was wearing a strapless black and white plaid dress that went down to about two inches above her knees and the same pair of converse she had on yesterday. Her hair had been up in a pony tail with a small bump on the top but now with the rain and mud it just looked like a ponytail. So I took my chances and bent my head down low kissing her gently on the lips.

Maddie’s POV

When someone tells you it’s too hard to be around you usually that means they don’t like you very much, but apparently, in this situation, it means that they like you. A lot.

Gerard’s kiss was gentle and sweet and I knew that he wanted it as much as I did.

He pulled away from me but still held me in his arms, “I really miss you!” I blurted and felt super embarrassed afterwards, but I watched his sexy lips curve up and he made me smile.

“I’m right here,” He said and I sighed.

“That’s not exactly what I meant,” I said and his smile widened.

“Then what do you mean?” He asked and my heart fluttered.

In my whole life I have always wanted guys for what they could give to me, but with Gerard it was different. I wanted him more than anything in my life; I have felt so many different things about him that I have never felt before in my life. Like the heart flutters, the stomach tingles, and all the times I blush in front of him. Even though I didn’t know him very well I felt like I have known him my whole life.

“I miss having you as mine,” I said and his smile faded slightly.

“I never was really yours,” He said and I blushed again.

“I know, but I miss the feeling I had when we were in the forest, I miss it a whole lot.” I said and my heart squeezed that the memory.

“I don’t know about you quite yet,” He said and his voice made me shiver but I didn’t pull away.

“I know, I just want you, so badly,” I said quietly and I wasn’t sure if he could hear me through the rain and wind.

“You want me? Or what I can do to you?” He asked and my head shot up.

“I want you! All of you! I want your smile, your eyes, your personality, and the way you make me feel. I want every bit and piece of you! I don’t care about the bad parts! I just want to be with you!” I shouted and he smiled again.

“I was hoping that would be your answer,” He said softly and I felt the air that came out of his nose.

“Really?” I squeaked and his smile became wider.

“Yeah, I mean, from what I’ve heard you only wanted one part of me,” He said smoothly and I blushed.

“But I don’t! I want all of you,” I said and blushed again, how more retarded could I sound?

He laughed, “That’s good,” He said and bent and his lips met mine.

I opened my mouth without hesitation and accepted his kiss. I moved my arms up around his shoulders and held onto his neck pressing myself against him.

“Maddie,” He murmured against my lips, “I missed you too.”

Then he kissed me again with a little more force and I felt my stomach do a back flip. I was so happy he wasn’t mad at me, and actually wanted me too, even after Coraline had died just yesterday. Then I felt his moan from the back of his throat as he pressed me against the brick of his house trapping me there in his arms. I was suddenly cold from the wall of his house and the rain beating down on our skin, I shuddered and Gerard pulled away for a second.

“What?” He asked me with his eyes wide.

“C-cold,” I said and I noticed my teeth were chattering.

“We should go inside,” He said and I grabbed his arms bringing him back up against me.

“N-no, I like this-s,” I chattered and he smiled and kissed me again this time grinding intimately into me making me warmer. Then I felt his hand sliding down the side of my body and finding the bottom of my dress, and his fingers found there way up and under it giving me the Goosebumps. I began to wonder whether or not he was trying to nail me or just feeling the greatness I was feeling, “Wait,” I said pulling my mouth away from his and he started grinding even more making me shiver and I wanted him to keep going I wanted to feel this way forever.
He started kissing me again and this time his tongue traveled about inside my mouth and I moaned, he took the other hand from my back and grabbed my butt lifting me from the ground and pressing me hard against the wall.

I moaned again and he took his mouth from mine trailing his lips down my neck and kissing me everywhere. The hand that was on my butt reached up and unzipped my dress and it fell to the ground. Good thing I wore a strapless bra today or man would I be embarrassed right now. He kissed me more and I wasn’t cold anymore, I just felt the heat of his body holding me against the house. Then he began sucking on my neck and I moaned again, and he bit me but I didn’t care all I felt was him and the great pleasure I was feeling at this point. He stopped sucking my neck but I protested, “Bite me again,” I groaned and he did what I told him too and I moaned thrusting my hips against him.

“Maddie,” He mumbled, “Do you want to-?”

I moaned again, “Answer me,” He said lifting his face to mine and we were only about a centimeter away.

“Yes,” I said and he kissed me again long and hard.

“I don’t think I can,” He said pulling his lips away only to say this then started kissing me again.

“Why?” I murmured holding onto him tightly not wanting to let go.

“Because,” He mumbled, “Too fast,” then kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

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