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Chapter 26- Faults

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“Because,” I said then I finally realized how I knew, “I’m an angel.”

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hey guys sorry i havent written in a while i have been super uber busy and i got really really dehydrated and now my muscles are totally up the jank so it's going to take me a good two weeks or so to be able to workout without getting really tired really fast. sorry this chap is kinda short i wrote it over the course of this last week. i promise to write more and should be able to post by next saturday (septemeber 19th) or next sunday (september 20th) but if i finish the next chap before then i will post it. thanks for the reviews i LOVE THEM! i really do. and for all you who read my story and dont review i would still like to thank you a crap ton because i probably wouldn't write if it wasnt for you guys. so enjoy :)

Chapter 26- Faults

Gerard's POV

“Mikes, stop it,” Joyce said pushing on Mikeys chest as I walked back into the kitchen.
“What did you say?” I said and Joyce looked fiercely at me then pushed harder on Mikeys chest.
“You heard me Miss Priss,” Mikey said and just fueled my anger.
“Mikey shut up!” Joyce shouted and gave him a hard shove but he didn’t seem to notice.
“Mikey you’re an asshole you know that right?” I shouted over Joyce’s bad pleas.
“Yeah I’m the asshole, I didn’t run away from home and make Jamia pissed, or choose a girlfriend that causes us nothing but problems, I don’t know why you keep her around,” Mikey said I bit my lip hard to keep myself from shouting at him, the way he was talking about Maddie was pushing me over the ledge, but right now I was trying to balance on the very edge.
“Fuck you, you have absolutely no right to say that at all, it just makes you sound like a douche,” I spat at him and he shook his head at me.
“Maddie’s a fucking hoe. Dump. Her.” Mikey said and instead of pushing me over the edge he kicked me.
I ran at Mikey and pushed Joyce out of the way just to nail him right in the face sending his glasses across the room. Mikey fell to his knees and covered his face with his hands.
“I hate you!” I shouted at him and he carefully stood up.
“I hate you too,” He said and I noticed his nose was bleeding. Then he lurched forwards at me and we both hit the ground fighting. I didn’t know what I was hitting I just sent my fists flying and tried to hit any part of his body.
“Guys! Stop!” Joyce shouted trying to pry us away from each other, but we didn’t listen, “Sto-“ The was a sudden sound of a fist against skin, then skin against hard wood and Joyce was quiet except her whimpers.
Mikey entangled himself from me to quickly and run over to Joyce. She was lying next to the island holding her head gingerly.
“Joyce, baby, are you okay?” Mikey said softly trying to hold onto her shoulders but she pushed herself away from him.
“I hate it when you fight,” She said quietly clutching onto her head.
“Baby, I won’t fight ever again, I promise,” He said moving towards her slowly.
“You don’t have to make that promise, I know you will,” She said and her eyes were swimming with tears.
“Baby, I will do anything to keep you happy,” Mikey said softly.
“You didn’t before,” She said.
“I know baby and I’m sorry, it won’t ever happen again,” He said and Joyce smiled then slowly lifted her hand off her forehead. There was a cut at least and inch long above her left eyebrow.
“It only hurt a little bit,” She said and Mikey pulled her tightly into a hug.
“Oh baby I am so damn sorry,” He said still holding onto her, “We should get you to a hospital.”
“Mikes, I’m fine, I just need a band aid, it’s not that bad,” She said and now that she had moved her hand there was a slow line of blood making its way down her face.
“Come on baby, let’s get you cleaned up,” He said standing up and led her to the bathroom leaving me on the floor.
“About time you two had a good fight,” Ray said and I sat up to see him leaning against the door frame staring down at me.
“Shut up,” I said and scrambled to get up.
“Before we go see Maddie you should get some new clothes on,” Ray said gesturing to my ever so dirty attire.
“That would be a good idea,” I said and walked past Ray.
“Maybe a shower too,” He said and scrunched up his nose.
“Yeah okay,” I said and rolled my eyes at him and walked up the stairs and into my room.
I walked into my closet and flicked on the lights and I noticed there was something wrong. There were clothes in here that weren’t mine. I walked over to the bright purple hoodie on a hanger and took it off. I dropped it to the ground and took a step away from it, it was Maddie’s. All these clothes were Maddie’s, it was as if she had moved in and put her stuff with mine. How did these get here? I hadn’t put them in here and I don’t remember Maddie putting them in here, what the hell? I looked around and saw a pink box with a sticky note on it. I walked over and read the sticky note without touching it.

You decide :)

I read and reread the note several times before I shakily bent down and lifted the lid off of the box. There was some pink paper and I moved it aside slightly, instantly I snatched my hand away like the box carried a disease. Inside the box was three different lingerie outfits. I peered down inside the box and I instantly knew which outfit I liked best: the blue one. Maddie looked beautiful in blue. It was lacy and sexy and just thinking about Maddie wearing it almost made me hard. I sighed and realized I would probably never see Maddie wear it. I slowly closed the box and put it way in the back corner of my closet.
I turned around and saw Jamia standing in my closet too; I jumped in surprise then looked away from her piercing gaze.
“Hey,” I said awkwardly.
“So you came back?” She asked quietly and there was a small tremor in her voice.
“Well yeah,” I said wondering what this was all about.
“A-are you okay?” She asked quietly.
“Sort of,” I said and decided to stick to only a couple syllable answers.
“So I didn’t make you run away?” She asked shakily and I was surprised by her question.
“What? I mean, no. Jamia you didn’t make me do anything, it was all my actions,” I said.
“You left after I talked to you,” She said quietly staring down at her feet.
“Jamia,” I said closing the space between us and pulling her into a hug, “It’s not your fault,” I whispered into her ear.
Suddenly I saw Frank appear right outside the door, he looked furiously at me. Obviously this didn’t look to right, me holding his girlfriend. I let go of Jamia quickly and took a step back.
“It’s not your fault,” I said again with a smile. Jamia nodded and turned around to see Frank.
“Oh hey Frankie,” She said softly.
“Yeah, hey. Whatcha doing Jams?” Frank asked obviously pissed.
“I just came to talk to Gerard,” She said scared of what was going to happen next.
“Yeah I know how ‘talking’ can go,” He said sarcastically.
“We really were just talking, I promise, I would never do that man,” I said and Frank shot me a shut up look and I was immediately silent.
“Frankie calm down, I was just talking asking him if it was my fault,” She said and Frank’s expression softened a little bit.
“Like the reason why you were so upset when you came back into the house?” Frank asked and Jamia nodded.
“Frank, I’m being serious with you right now, I was just talking to Gerard. I love you, not him,” Jamia said and Frank was instantly back to normal.
“I love you too,” He said and walked over and planted a kiss on her lips.
“My closet,” I reminded Frank and he pulled away from Jamia.
“Psh, it’s just a closet,” He said then took Jamia’s hand and walked out of my room.
I quickly grabbed some clothes and headed into the shower. I turned it on hot and peeled off my dirty clothes before I hopped in. The warm water was refreshing on my skin. It wasn’t long before I lost myself in the warm steam and was only brought back to earth by the sharp knock on the bathroom door.
“Hurry up! We want to leave before tomorrow!” Ray yelled at me and I quickly hopped out of the shower and dressed.
I ran down the stairs and saw everyone standing by the door ready to go, I slipped on my jacket and walked into their conversation.
“So I’ll take Bob, Jamia, and Frank. Caitlin you take Mikey, Joyce, and Gerard. Everybody cool?” Ray said and while everyone murmured their responses I shook my head no.
“Why can’t we take my dads car?” I asked.
“We just figured we could save some more gas using Caitlins,” Ray said and I shrugged. I’m not paying the bill.
“Let’s go already!” Bob shouted and we were all out the door in seconds.
The drive the Clara Maass was beginning to feel shorter with every trip we took there. As we pulled into the parking lot I saw my mom’s big green van in one of the employee parking spaces and knew she was working; still.
We walked into Clara Maass and I didn’t even bother to talk to the receptionist, I just walked straight to the double doors and down to Maddie’s room.
I stopped before walking into the room and peered back at everyone.
“Maybe I should go in first, you guys can come in later,” I suggested and they nodded and walked a ways back down the hallway and sat in the uncomfortable chairs outside the bathroom doors.
I took a deep breath and walked into Maddie’s room. I stopped abruptly and all the feeling I had left was gone from my body. Dan was laying on top of Maddie obviously shoving his tongue down her throat. Maddie wasn’t doing anything to resist, she was kissing him back rather enthusiastically. I cleared my throat loudly and Dan looked up at me with a huge smirk on his face then went back to kissing Maddie.
“Dan,” Maddie mumbled against his lips, he pulled away, “Stop,” He gave her a puppy dog face and she smiled then kissed him lightly again and I looked away. What they were doing was hurting me so much.
“I have to go anyways,” Dan said suddenly, “I will come back tomorrow though.” He said climbing off of Maddie and he swiftly walked past me making sure to hit me with his shoulder.
“Sorry about Dan, he likes to show off that he has a girlfriend,” Maddie said and my head began to ache with the pain she was causing me.
“I thought we agreed Dan couldn’t come around here,” I said quietly not being able to look at her and her now tainted lips.
“Oh yeah I forgot about that, sorry, he just kind of showed up,” She said then added, “So you came to visit me?”
“Yeah I did, well we all did, all of your friends from Belleville,” I said and she nodded.
“Like Ray and Caitlin,” She said and took me by surprise.
“You remember?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.
“Yes I remember what happened yesterday, just not other things,” She said and her voice trailed off.
“Don’t strain yourself,” I said and Maddie laughed.
“Yeah okay I’ll try not too,” She said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.
“Jeesh, you’re already in a hospital under a couple things do you want to add more to the list?” I asked and she giggled.
“Well since I’m in the hospital it’s not like it would matter!” She shouted back goofily. I just shook my head at her and she watched me smiling.
“So how’re you feeling?” I asked.
“A load better,” She sighed, “I just wish I could get my memory back so the doctors would let me leave.”
“They should let you leave soon,” I said with a weak smile. Then I heard the truth in my own voice. Something inside me was telling me that Maddie would get her memory back soon. That something was telling me things would be dramatic and crazy, but in the end it would be alright.
“How do you know that?” She asked softly.
“Because,” I said then I finally realized how I knew, “I’m an angel.”

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