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Chapter 27- Kisses

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“Don’t do anything stupid,” I heard Mikey say before Gerard closed the bathroom door.

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Chapter 27- Kisses

Gerard's POV

The expression on Maddie’s face was indescribable. She looked utterly confused and surprised by my answer. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it and sat back completely beaten. Then she swung her feet over the side of the hospital bed and gave me a long, examining look.
“If you’re an angel, why can’t you help me?” She asked.
“I am helping you, slowly and steady,” I said taking a step closer to her and cocked her eye brow at me.
“This isn’t happening,” She said shaking her head in disbelief.
“Maddie I swear I wouldn’t make up this bull shit, sometimes I can’t even accept it,” I said and she didn’t seem to hear me.
“I barely even know you and you’re telling me you’re an angel. I need proof, actual proof. I don’t even know if I do trust you, all I know is this feeling,” She trailed off and it sounded like she was speaking more to herself than me.
“What feeling?” I asked softly and she gave me a sharp expression.
“Just feeling,” She mumbled.
I nodded, “I understand,” I said and her expression changed to confusion.
“I don’t believe you,” She said and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
“You don’t have to believe me, I am still going to help you,” I said and she sighed.
“You can’t be an angel! It’s impossible! I don’t even think God exists! This is crazy! And if you were an angel how could I forget about you? You have to be lying to me! Am I being punk’d? Is Ashton Kutcher going to pop out anytime now? You have to be screwing with me right now! Just get out! You are causing me too much stress! I don’t even know you!” She shouted.
“Would you just shut up?” I shouted then took one long swift stride and smashed my lips against hers.
I felt a small tingle as we kissed. She didn’t feel or taste any different, she was still Maddie. I cupped her face in my hands and she put her hands around my waist pulling me into her. I slid my tongue into her slightly open mouth and she didn’t have any protests. I decided to let her win and she pushed her soft sweet tongue into my mouth and danced it around making me moan. She sighed tugging at the bottom of my shirt which I hastily removed. The instant our skin touched she let out a low moan and grabbing me around the neck pulling me into her, I lifted her up letting her wrap her legs around my waist. I loved every moment of it, I loved having Maddie kiss me and want me. I wanted to know that she would do this. I wanted proof; I wanted her to say it aloud. I squeezed tightly into her and took my lips from her mouth kissing down her jaw line then up to her ear as I licked the outside of it. She threw her head back then returned her mouth to mine kissing me hungrily. Suddenly I felt wetness against my cheeks and realized she was crying, I couldn’t help it and tears began to fall down my own cheeks. I pulled away and rested my forehead on hers keeping my eyes tight shut as I placed her back down on the bed.
“I remember your kisses,” She said quietly and I smiled.
“I haven’t forgotten yours,” I replied and she clung tightly to me.

Maddie’s POV

There was something about Gerard that I couldn’t explain even though I wish I could. Every time we touched I got this feeling that made me feel like I was on fire; in a good way. All my nerve endings would blaze and make me feel so good. All I wanted to do was touch his skin, I imagine sex with Gerard would be totally mind blowing. Although I didn’t know if Gerard felt the hot buzz I did and as we are sitting here my whole body is just about humming with the buzz that’s radiating through my body.
The one thing I did know is that I kept remembering things whenever he touched me. I remembered the first day of school up until lunch. When we were kissing I got images of us kissing before, and me liking it shit tons. I remember kissing in cold rain and in a forest. The one thing that I remember that scares me the most is him making me feel. He made me feel like I was in love; it takes me forever to love someone. It took me seven years to tell Dan that I loved him, and now I was feeling love towards this complete stranger? How could this ever happen? Then it all came to me. Gerard was the one I fell in love with, and dumped Dan for. I let out a small gasp and Gerard instantly pulled away from me.
“Did I hurt you?” He asked quickly and I saw worry written all over his face.
“No, not at all,” I said quietly, hoping he would come back over and hold me.
“I’m sorry,” He said and I was surprised by his response.
“You’re sorry?” I asked and he shook his head.
“That was totally uncalled for, I shouldn’t have, especially when you have Dan,” He said and I heard a slight tremor in his voice when he talked about Dan.
“But Dan and I aren’t together, technically,” I said softly and he was silent for sometime.
”Technically,” He said moving back towards me, this time his skin didn’t touch mine. All the blankets and my damn hospital gown prevented direct contact. I wanted to feel his skin against mine.
“Technically,” I whispered in agreement.
“So it would be okay if I did this,” He said then brushed his lips across mine lightly. I shuddered then felt him smile against my lips.
“Totally okay,” I whispered when he pulled away.
“Are you sure?” He asked and when I nodded he demanded, “Ask for it.”
“Kiss me,” I said so quietly I wasn’t even sure I had heard myself say the words.
“Pardon?” He said and I whimpered, I wasn’t up for playing these games.
“Kiss me,” I pleaded loudly so he could hear me.
“Only if you want it,” He said quietly and I was growing impatient.
“Please,” I begged and he gave me a small bad boy smile before kissing me with full force.
My lips tingled with excitement as I pulled him close feeling the skin on his arms and hands, entangling his fingers with mine. The buzz wasn’t satisfied though and my nerves begged for more. I didn’t know how far Gerard would go with me, but the buzz was taking over my body. I felt more amazing than I had ever in my life, then suddenly images that I wasn’t familiar with appeared in my head. I was in the hospital, but this time I wasn’t the one who was in the hospital bed, it was someone else. Two people actually, one a girl and the other; Gerard. I watched silently with others who had gathered in the room, the girl seemed to be sleeping but something inside me was telling me my assumption was wrong and that she was dead. The scene I was watching hurt, and it hurt badly. Seeing Gerard in pain and watching him love some other girl was too much. Then a nurse walked in and told us we had to leave. So Gerard’s mom walked over to him and rubbed his arm telling him we had to leave. He was obviously awake and ignoring us. Then Frank shot up and punched him hard in the back yelling that we had to leave. When he refused two of the other girls who had came in told him we had to leave, he still refused then snuggled up to the dead girl. I felt a sharp pang in my heart and couldn’t take it anymore. I walked out of the room and sat in the chairs outside the door. He couldn’t love anyone else other than me, it was impossible. Then two of the men I didn’t know came out carrying Gerard. I sped walked past them and got to my car first. They all walked out and I offered to take Gee home. Frank had protested, but to my luck Gerard was awake and agreed to come with me. I asked him if he needed help getting into my truck, but he rudely denied it, I felt the familiar but still painful pang in my heart again as I walked over to my door and got in. Then everything went dark and all I could remember was feeling horrible and sad. Anger had engulfed me and I couldn’t hold it in. Suddenly I bit down on Gerard’s lip and he pulled away quickly.
“Ow Dammit!” He shouted putting his hand to his mouth.
“Sorry!” I shouted getting off the hospital bed but felt a tug in my arm and I remembered I couldn’t go far with an IV in my arm.
“What’s going on?” Ray said as he hurriedly walked into the room with a load of people on his heels.
“Nothing,” Gerard mumbled rubbing his lip.
“What the hell happened to your lip?” Mikey asked, I remembered him and Ray and Caitlin, but the other people I didn’t know.
“Nothing,” Gerard said firmly.
“Sure doesn’t look like nothing,” A blonde kid who was standing next to Mikey said.
“Dude its swelling!” Squealed a short boy, then I recognized him. It was Frank Iero; we had met a long time ago.
“What happened?” Mikey asked again.
“I bit him,” I blurted then suddenly wished I hadn’t.
“You what?” All of them said together.
“Nothing,” Gerard and I said in unison, both of us blushing deeply.
We all sat there in an awkward silence until I cleared my throat then said, “So who’re you guys?” I said gesturing to the two girls and blonde guy I didn’t know.
“Maddie it’s us,” The blonde guy said and I was confused.
“Bob!” Mikey said smacking him on the arm.
“Oh, right,” He muttered and rubbed his arm.
“What?” I asked in utter confusion.
“Maddie this is Bob,” Gerard said and Bob smiled and waved at me.
“Hi,” I said quietly.
“Oh I’m Joyce,” A small girl with pale skin and dark hair said almost bouncing in excitement.
I smiled in return to her, “Jamia,” The girl said next to her and she just nodded at me.
“Nice to meet you all,” I said and Gerard shuddered causing everyone to stare at him.
“I’m cold,” He shrugged and my nurse Donna walked in.
“Hello Madison,” Donna said not even acknowledging everyone standing in her way.
“Hey, so how am I coming?” I asked trying to look over her shoulder at the clipboard she was scribbling on.
“Just fine, I was coming to tell you that we were releasing you today,” Donna said and the news shocked me.
“But I don’t have my memory back yet,” I said and the whole room was still and silent.
“Madison, we can’t hold you much longer, but we will have you come back in for check-ups and stuff.” Donna said rubbing my arm.
“Oh okay,” I said trying to smile but something seemed wrong.
“You should take a shower before you leave, do you want me to help you?” She asked and I shook my head.
“I’m fine, thanks,” I said and she nodded making her ways towards the door.
“Hey ma,” Gerard said, but he wasn’t looking at her. In fact he was just staring into space.
“Hello,” She said with a simple smile and walked out of the room.
There seemed to be a group exhale once Donna wasn’t around, but why?
“Was that your mom?” I asked and everyone but Gerard and Mikey looked down at there feet.
“Yeah,” The boys said together. I felt so stupid, how could I not see the resemblance? I mentally slapped myself then remembered I had to take a shower. Shit, my hair looked like crap when I didn’t blow it dry. It would curl and I would look retarded, I sighed, how embarrassing?
I got up suddenly making everyone stare at me and I grabbed my IV pole and walked to the bathroom.
“Let me help,” Gerard breathed into my ear making me shiver, I nodded.
“Don’t do anything stupid,” I heard Mikey say before Gerard closed the bathroom door.
“Fuck you Mikey,” Gerard muttered then slammed the door shut.

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