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Chapter 28- Shit!

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hey girl hey! lol this was probably the longest week i have ever lived in my entire life, and next week will be longer! UGH. next week is homecoming week and i have two ap us history chapters along with a swim meet and OAKLAND COUNTIES which is like state meet but it's like the hooray-the-seasons-half-over state meet so yeah... but anyways i promised a chap so here's one! enjoy! (prolly will update saturday or sunday {the 3rd or 4th})

Chapter 28- Shit!

Maddie's POV

“I’m sorry,” Gerard muttered as he read my surprised expression.
“Um it’s okay,” I said and moved to the shower turning it on warm. My stomach was tingling with excitement at the thought of taking a shower with Gerard. I was nervous too; would he think I was too skinny? Or disproportioned?
“Uh, I’ll turn around,” He said awkwardly turning to face the door. I sighed, damn he wasn’t going to get in a shower with me, I should have known.
“Okay,” I mumbled and took off my hospital gown and slid slowly into the warm and steamy shower. I shuddered under the heat and felt dizzy. I blinked and gained my balance reaching for the tiny shampoo bottle with one hand and tried to get the cap off without having to use my IV hand.
“I thought you might need some help with that,” Gerard said and I turned around to see him watching me through the gap between the curtain and wall. I jumped out of the space which he could see me and accidentally dropped the shampoo.
“Shit,” I said quietly reaching down to get the bottle.
“Let me get that,” Gerard said and I saw his arm enter the shower. His hand was only inches away from leg I took a sharp intake of breath and moved away from him in fright, what was he trying to do?
He picked up the bottle, took the cap off, and put it on the side of the shower moving out again to grab a towel and dry his arm. This was so awkward, me naked in a shower and him reaching into my shower to get the bottle I dropped.
“Want me to open the conditioner too?” He asked and I shivered making him laugh softly.
“What?” I shot at him and he immediately stopped laughing.
“We have showered together before,” He said softly and I opened my mouth in shock. Damn, I had only known the guy for like three days and we had already showered together?
“What was it like?” I asked my curiosity getting the better of me.
“It was great,” He said and I smiled to myself, he thought it was great.
“So what are we going to do today?” I asked as I poured some of the shampoo into my hand and massaged it into my scalp.
“Uh, what?” He asked and I laughed.
“Well if they are releasing me I have to leave, and since my parents aren’t here,” I trailed away hoping he would offer to take me home.
“Oh yeah I don’t think it would be a problem if we had one extra passenger,” He said and I smiled, my plan had worked.
“Cool, do you mind if we stop somewhere on the way?” I asked and he was silent.
“Uh I guess,” He said quietly and I heard the unease in his voice.
“Don’t worry, I just want to show you my favorite place in the world,” I said and I heard his exhale of breath.
“Oh okay,” He said as I rinsed the shampoo out and started with the conditioner, “So where is your favorite place?”
“Just right outside of Belleville, it’s like fifteen minutes away from my house,” I said and could almost hear the gears in his brain turning.
“Mm,” He said and I giggled, “what?”
“Oh nothing,” I said and giggled again, I could see him through the tiny crack between the curtain and the shower wall; he was too darn cute when he was deep in thought.
“So are you almost done?” He asked and I nodded, and then remembered he couldn’t see me. But I turned to look back at him and he was watching my through that tiny crack, this time I didn’t move away so he couldn’t see me. I smiled simply at him and he smiled back. He stood up and took one step closer towards me when someone knocked on the door.
“I don’t hear talking,” Mikey shouted through the door.
“Mikey,” Gerard grumbled and opened the door a crack letting in a cool breeze.
“Caitlin brought Maddie some clothes,” Mikey said shoving some clothes in the room hastily and Gerard scowled at him. I poked my head out of the shower to watch the brothers; they obviously didn’t like each other. Or maybe Mikey didn’t like me. I pondered these thoughts as Gerard slammed the door on Mikey’s face and put the clothes on the toilet lid.
“Why doesn’t Mikey like me?” I asked and Gerard jumped when he noticed me looking out at him.
“He does, he just has weird ways of showing it,” Gerard muttered and I rolled my eyes coming back under the warm spray of water.
“Oh yeah, he shows it by hating me?” I said and Gerard leaned against the door.
“You know he can hear us,” Gerard said and I didn’t mind.
“Good, I hope he knows that I know he hates me. So when he feels like telling me why it’ll save us some time,” I said and Gerard chuckled.
“Okay we can look at it that way,” He said.
“We?” I asked and I smiled at the thought of us being together.
“Yeah, us,” He said and I looked out to see he was smiling too.
“I’m done,” I said turning off the shower and reaching out to grab a towel.
“I can go sit outside while you change,” He said and I sighed realizing it would be difficult getting changed with him in this tiny bathroom with me.
”Yeah that’ll be good,” I said and I watched him silently as we opened the door and left me alone.
“God Dammit,” I whispered to myself as I gingerly climbed out of the shower.
I dried myself off carefully and pulled on the long-sleeve button-up purple shirt and blue jean mini skirt Caitlin had brought me along with a matching polka dot bra and underwear. I found a comb the hospital provided and gently pulled it through my hair. Damn it was humid outside; my hair was going to curl like no other. I sighed giving myself one long look in the mirror before I walked out of the bathroom.
Gerard was at my side in an instant helping me towards the bed where I sat down and smiled at him, thanking him for his help that even though I didn’t need it the buzz that came from his touch was still tingling on my arm.
“So…” Frank said awkwardly and I noticed Gerard had put his shirt back on.
“So should we wait for a nurse to come detach you from your,” Caitlin paused looking at the IV, “life support or can you just pull the sucker out and we can scram?”
“I got it,” A short nurse with long brown mousy hair said as she walked in and carefully pulled my IV out, I winced in pain as she moved it out of my skin everyone watching in interest but Gerard took a long stride over and put his arm around my shoulder tucking my face against his chest.
“Don’t look at it,” He whispered and I nodded closing my eyes and breathing in his scent, he smelled like Irish Spring.
“All done,” The nurse said and I opened my eyes as she walked out the door giving me a smile before she was gone.
“Didn’t even give you a band-aid, what a bitch,” Ray said shaking his head and I laughed his fro bobbed with every movement of his head.
“So let’s roll,” Bob said and everyone murmured with agreement, I stood up quickly and the world began to spin. My knees were suddenly weak and I was clutching to Gerard for support.
“Whoa there,” Gerard said scooping me into his arms, “Slow down.” He whispered to me as he carried me out of the hospital.
“I can walk you know,” I said watching him; I could tell he was a smoker and this was difficult for him.
“Allow me,” Ray said and I was transferred onto Ray’s back.
“I can walk you know!” I said louder as the automatic doors flew open and a rush of warm humid air blew against my cheeks.
“Oh calm down, it’s not like we’re denying you the right to walk,” Ray said and I rolled my eyes as we walked over to a black Volvo.
“How the hell did you all fit into that car?” I asked completely bewildered.
“We took two cars, duh,” Frank said smacking me on the butt.
“Hey!” I shouted and Frank laughed.
“FREE SPANKINGS!” Ray shouted then started to run around the parking lot with the guy’s right behind him hitting my butt goofily.
“Stop it!” I shouted my own laughter ringing in my ears.
“NEVER!” They shouted in unison and I clung tightly to Ray’s neck before I started to kick my feet around.
“TICKLE HER!” Ray shouted as a result to my kicking.
“NO!” I yelled back upset with my own defeat.
“I gotcha!” Gerard shouted then tore me from Ray’s back; I clumsily fell into Gerard’s arms who stumbled back into Bob.
“Don’t break me!” He squealed girlishly and we all erupted in laughter, Bob was a nice shade of purple.
“You guys,” Jamia said as the girls ran over to us, “It’s a good thing we are in a hospital parking lot in case someone got hurt.”
“Yeah right, we are all about the safety,” Frank said as he waves Jamia a tight hug.
“SHOULDN’T YOU KIDS BE IN SCHOOL?” A man asked from across the parking lot.
“NO IT’S SUNDAY,” Mikey shouted back with a roll of his eyes.
“Shit its Sunday!” Gerard shouted suddenly making us all jump.
“Yeah,” Joyce said and Gerard released me to smack himself.
“Shit!” Ray said and realization washed over his face.
“Am I missing something?” I asked and everyone was silent.
“SHIT!” They all shouted together than they all made a mad dash for the car.
“What’s going on?” I asked, why wasn’t anybody telling me what was happening? All they wanted to do was leave.
“Come on,” Gerard said pulling me into the Volvo.
“There isn’t enough space,” Ray said but Gerard placed me on his lap and pulled the seat belt around both of us.
“Drive carefully,” Gerard said as Ray hit the gas and we were out of the parking lot in seconds.
“Does anybody want to explain?” I asked after fifteen minutes of silence. My response: more silence. I sighed and leaned back on Gerard’s shoulder, he was acting like a boyfriend more than just a friend now. I assume since he wasn’t just a friend before all this it was easier for him than it was for me. Right now it felt like we both liked each other and we knew it, he just hadn’t had the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend yet. I sighed blowing the air onto his neck and watching as Goosebumps seemed to grow from that spot. And the guys acted like brothers to me, had it always been this way? I liked the feeling of having big brothers, let alone having four. And the guys were great, I liked them, so was Caitlin, but the other girls I wasn’t so sure about. Jamia seemed very, very protective and Joyce was really shy, both factors were hard for me to deal with. Jamia would probably get on my nerves, and Joyce needs to open up and be crazier or I might get bored with her and she would start to irk me. I still love the word irk whether or not people think I’m weird for saying it. But what I really wonder is how the hell did I get into this situation? What did I do to deserve such a great life?
Without thinking I pressed my lips against Gerard’s neck and I felt him tense under my immediate touch. I felt him put his hand on mine, warning me to stop, but I ignored it and nipped against his skin. There was a sudden bulge in his pants and I smiled to myself realizing how fast I made him hard. I began to suck lightly and he twisted his fingers into mine squeezing tightly. I let go of his hand making sure to touch him all the way from his lap to his neck where I let my hand sit keeping him in place. The buzz was radiating through my urging me to go on, it was taking over and desire was burning hot in my core.
“Uh please stop,” I heard Ray say and I growled at him.
“Whoa Maddie, cut it out,” Frank said I tore my mouth from Gerard’s neck to see Ray staring at me from the mirror and Frank in the front seat with a stern look on his face.
“Maddie stop it,” Gerard whispered to me and the buzz shivered its way out of me.
“Sorry,” I mumbled against his neck and closed my eyes wishing no one had seen that. For some reason I couldn’t control myself around Gerard, he was all I ever wanted, and me sitting on him like this was driving my nerves crazy.
I squirmed uncomfortably, Gerard’s erection still evident, but fading. He noticed too and mumbled an apology.
“It’s okay,” I whispered my whore-ish side coming out, “We can take care of it when we get home,” I said and it was back again.

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