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Chapter 39- Sands of Time

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*UPDATED* Maddie let out a blood-curdling scream and the sense of peace was yanked from beneath my feet.

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Chapter 39- Sands of Time

Gerard's POV

“Gee, wake up,” Maddie murmured into my ear. I reached consciousness and I could feel her warm body still wrapped around mine. I opened my eyes and looked around. We were still in her truck and Caitlin was gone from the front seat; the sun was higher in the sky now.
“What time is it?” I asked her. She looked up at me and smiled. Her hair was a little messy from sleep and the dark purple circles had left and imprint below her eyes. The sun was gleaming on her hair making it look fiery red, and completely beautiful. I couldn’t stop myself from leaning towards her and meeting her lips.
Maddie pulled away, a smile on her face before saying, “I’d guess noon, maybe later,” She said softly before yawning and scotching off my lap to stretch. My stomach growled and Maddie jumped then giggled, “You hungry?” She asked. I don’t know if I had imagined it, but her tone was meant to seduce.
“Very,” I said as my stomach yelled at me again. It had been a while since I ate a real meal, “Let’s go to Charlie’s Chicken,” I suggested. Maddie looked a little disappointed but smiled as she came back over to me and shamelessly pressed her chest against mine and putting her hands around my neck.
“Yum,” Maddie said tracing circles on my chest and licking her lips, “I love Charlie’s Chicken,” She said adding extra emphasis on the word love. She giggled and kissed my chin gently, I felt her soft tongue pressing against my skin and I put my hands underneath her arms slowly grazing them down her body.
My stomach grumbled loudly again and I pulled away from Maddie’s tempting lips, “I’m just too hungry to do much of anything right now,” I said and Maddie sighed. She nodded slowly and looked away. I felt bad so I grabbed her chin and brought her face to mine. She wouldn’t meet my eyes; I kissed her soft and slow.
“Should we go find Caitlin and Ray?” I asked as I pulled away from Maddie. She was trying to catch her breath and I smiled to myself. I was glad I could make her breathless from one simple kiss. She looked up at me and nodded. I took her hand and led her from the car. Then she hesitated and stopped.
“Let’s just go to Charlie’s Chicken,” She said softly.
“Oh, okay,” I said. I carefully opened the passenger door and let her in before closing it and walking around to get inside. The keys were still in the ignition and I started it, pulling out of the drive way.
“Do you know where the closest place is?” She asked and I chuckled.
“After coming here once or twice with Ray, I know where everything is,” I said. Maddie smiled and looked out her window.
“It’s pretty here and warm here, I like it,” She said and I pressed the button for the window and it rolled down letting the warm crisp air fill the truck with scents of fall and leaves.
We reached the Charlie’s Chicken within minutes and the scents of fall turned into scents of grilled chicken with loads of grease. I smiled as we got out of the truck and entered the restaurant. As usual Charlie’s Chicken was fairly busy, it was the best place to gain at least twenty pounds and the food tasted amazing.
“I haven’t been to a Charlie’s Chicken in so long,” Maddie said as we got into the line in front of the cash register and began looking through the menu.
“Me neither,” I said and looped my pinky finger through hers. I heard her giggle and I smiled to myself.
“Hi, hello, and welcome to Charlie’s Chicken, what can I get for y’all?” The girl behind the cash register asked in a happy Okie twang.
“Um I’ll have a Charlie’s Kids Meal and a Dr. Pepper,” Maddie said with a smile.
“And for you, sir?” She asked me.
“I’ll have a Charlie’s Chicken Fried Basket,” I said.
“Would you like a soda?” She asked me as she punched in our order.
“I’ll have a coke,” I said and she nodded cheerily.
“That’ll be 7.94 please,” She said and I nervously reached in my pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill. Thank god for magically finding money in my pockets.
She handed me my change and quickly piled our food on a tray. She handed it to us with a smile and we headed towards the tables.
“Where do you want to sit?” I asked Maddie and she led me to a window seat. I handed her the Kids Meal Box that looked like a red farm house. Maddie opened it and took out her chicken tenders while I unwrapped my fried chicken. A slow trickle of grease made its way off the chicken as I lifted it to my mouth, I laughed. Charlie’s Chicken was shameless when it came to grease. Maddie giggled before popping a piece of chicken into her mouth.
“Oh you think its funny?” I asked as I wiped my mouth with a napkin.
“Yeah it is,” She said before she leaned forward and tapped my nose with her pointer finger that was covered in ketchup. I stared at my nose making me go cross-eyed. Maddie giggled hysterically and I wiped it off quickly.
“Rudolf the red nosed reindeer!” Maddie squeaked as she giggled uncontrollably.
“Shut up,” I grumbled and she burst into a fresh fit of giggles. We continued to eat our food and I had to continuously deflect French fries Maddie kept throwing at me. We were just finishing up the remainder of our drinks when someone across the restaurant started shouting.
“I don’t care if they haven’t come back yet, just find out where she is!” A guy shouted into a cell phone before hanging up furiously. I looked at Maddie and she rolled her eyes.
“I hate it when people are so inconsiderate about talking loudly on their phones,” She said and took a sip from her cup. I glanced back at the guy who was now rubbing his eyes restlessly. Something about this guy seemed so familiar to me, but we were in the middle of hick-town-no-where and I didn’t know anyone out here.
“Gerard,” Maddie said waving a hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention, “You better not be staring at another girl,” She said before peering over her shoulder and following my gaze. She gasped sharply and whipped her head back around towards me.
“What’s the matter?” I asked taking her hand. People sitting in the tables around us began to stare.
“Gee, Gee, it’s Dan. I should have know,” She whispered miserably/ I looked over at him once more. It was Dan, with his dumb football boy muscles and honey blonde hair. I sighed and turned back to Maddie.
“Let’s get out of here,” I said and stood slowly trying hard not to draw any attention to us.
“Gee, he’ll see me, he’ll recognize my hair,” She whispered as she tugged on my hand.
“Put your hood up,” I said and she nodded. She carefully pulled the hood over her pink-red hair and stood up. I pulled on her hand and we walked quickly to the door. I put my hand on the door and let out a sigh of relief, we had gone unnoticed.
“Gerard! Maddie!”
“Shit!” I muttered and pushed open the door forcing Maddie through first.
“Wait, guys,” A familiar girl voice was calling us. I stopped hesitantly and turned around. Mo Morgue, Addi Sin, Zo Chaos, and Bella Beloved were making their way across the restaurant. I scanned the room and Dan was now standing, a smirk smile on his face as he stared at me.
“Hey, what’re you doing here?” Mo asked once she reached me. Dan was now throwing away his uneaten food and making his way towards us.
“Shit! Come on!” I said grabbing whose ever hands I could reach and pulled them out the door.
“What’s going on?” Addi asked skeptically as we ran to the truck and unlocked the doors. Maddie was now climbing in shakily and I helped her in the best I could.
“Get in!” I shouted motioning to the truck. They all got into the truck without another word; Bella was forced to sit across their laps because of the lack of space. I looked into the rearview mirror and Dan was running from the restaurant to his dark green jeep. I quickly went into reverse and pulled out of the parking lot so fast Maddie shrieked. I took another glance behind us once we were on the road and Dan’s jeep was visible a few cars behind us.
“Can you guys watch his car for me?” I asked struggling to keep my eyes on the road in front of me.
“Sure,” Zo said lazily and she turned in her seat to get a good look out the back window
“What the hell is going on?” Mo and Addi asked at the same time before they started giggling.
“Crazed ex-boyfriend out to get me,” Maddie said with a shudder.
“Oh! I’ve always wanted to be in a car chase!” Bella squealed happily.
“Ow, Bells don’t wiggle you have a bony butt,” Addi groaned in pain.
“Bells this isn’t a real car chase, there aren’t even guns!” Mo said with a dramatic roll of her eyes.
“There might be,” I muttered solemnly.
“He’s starting to change lanes, my best guess is he’s going to follow you,” Zo said and Maddie began to shake.
“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Maddie shouted “Gerard we can’t go back to the cottage now, he’ll find us!”
“You gotta shake him,” Mo said and she leaned foreword resting her elbows on the center console.
“What?!” Maddie and I asked in unison.
Mo rolled her eyes, “You obviously don’t watch action movies. You have to shake him off your tail!” Mo said and raised her hands around a fake steering wheel and swerved it.
“Oh,” I said and changed lanes to speed up.
“There you go!” Mo said excitedly.
“Wait a darn second, where the hell are you taking us? We need to get back to the van!” Addi shouted.
“Call your driver, tell him…” I paused for a moment to think.
“That Zo has a raging case of diarrhea!” Mo squealed. Zo smacked her arm only making her laugh harder.
“That’s so gross,” Addi said quietly.
“Well look at it this way, if we told them the truth they’d probably die of anxiety,” Bell said softly as she rubbed Addi’s arm.
“Yeah I think, ‘Hey Shane, we are in a wild goose chase with a turd ex-boyfriend up our butts and a truck that’s too small to fit us all so Bella has to sit across our laps. It’s all good though because our driver is an 18 year old high school kid’,” Mo said into an imaginary phone she’d made out of her thumb and pinky.
“Is that a bad thing?” I asked skeptically.
“No, not at all, we adore you,” Bella said quickly before Mo could answer.
“Gerard, where are we going to go now?” Maddie asked nervously. I looked over to her and she was still shaking slightly. I smiled sympathetically at her and took her hand.
“We’re going to the cottage, we just need to loose Dan first,” I said giving her hand a squeeze.
“He’s still a couple cars back,” Zo said softly and I nodded gratefully to her.
“Hold on Bella we’re changing a lot of lanes,” I said then I began swerving in and out of lanes, ignoring angry honks from other cars. I just wanted to put as much distance as possible between us and Dan. I heard Addi talking quickly into a phone, I figured it was Shane her van driver. I peered out the back window and couldn’t see Dan’s jeep.
“He still following us?” I asked Zo.
“Yeah he’s farther back now, but I can still see his jeep,” She said and I sighed, god damn he was persistent. We had just passed the entrance to the lake cottage and I saw the longing look in Maddie’s eyes. Then, without thinking, I turned on a random street.
“A little warning next time!” Addi shouted.
“Sorry,” I mumbled.
“What’re you doing?” Maddie asked as I pulled into an empty driveway.
“Waiting,” I said as I turned off the car.


“Um don’t you think people will wonder why a random car is parked in their driveway?” Maddie asked in bewilderment as I watched the entrance of the street waiting for a green jeep to appear.
“Yeah,” Mo said as she wiggled uncomfortably under Bella’s weight.
“We just have to wait a while,” I said and Zo sighed before unbuckling her seat belt.
“We this’ll be boring, might as well tell them what’s up,” She said and tried to situate herself.
“’What’s up’?” I asked cocking an eyebrow at them.
“Yeah well we’ve found another band,” Addi said her voice slowly getting quieter with every word.
“So we’re not touring with you anymore?” I asked. I knew I should feel disappointed right now, but for I totally didn’t, and I knew the exact reason why. It was because going on tour would mean leaving Maddie. But I wanted to go on tour for the best of the band.
“No! We didn’t say that,” Mo said then turning to Addi she added, “Did we?”
“No, not exactly. But we’ve found another band who are just as good as your band is so now instead of making you play again we want to get to know you and see if we could stand you for what three months?” She said questioningly and Bella nodded happily.
“Oh, so you’re here to like interrogate us?” I asked and Mo burst out laughing.
“Now you owe me!” Mo shouted at Zo and Zo sighed before reaching in her pocket and pulling out a wallet. She then slapped a ten angrily in Mo’s hand with an annoyed scowl.
“Suck it!” Mo shouted gleefully as she put the bill in her back pocket.
“Do you guys bet a lot?” Maddie asked skeptically.
“Yeah I guess you could say that,” Mo said with a shrug.
“Don’t ever bet with them, you will always loose money and fast too,” Addi said while Mo and Zo smiled at each other.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” I muttered.
“So what do you guys like to do on your free time?” Bella asked sweetly.
“Uh, well, video games I guess, or once we got into a Uno war,” I said nervously.
“I love Uno!” Mo screamed joyfully.
“Yeah,” I said with a shaky laugh.
“Where do you guys prefer to eat?” Mo asked curiously and Addi rolled her eyes.
“Uh Bob’s an Arby’s kind of guy, Frank and Ray like Taco Bell, I don’t really mind, and Mikey likes Burger King,” I said and remembered the Friday nights that we always used to go to the Fast Food lane. There was a street no more than five minutes away that had every single fast food restaurant you could imagine on it. We all got what we wanted and we didn’t have to waste gas either.
“So why don’t you just sum them up in one big corona!” Addi exclaimed and we all laughed.
“There aren’t any Taco Bells around this area! Where the crap are we anyways?” Mo asked and looked around as if a sign would pop out of the dirt.
“Lakeview Township, it’s like two hours away from Belle Ville,” I said and took another glance at the street entrance. No Jeep appeared/
“Great now we have to drive two more hours to find a decent place to buy TB, this sucks golden monkey balls,” Mo grumbled and crossed her arms.
“We can visit my Aunt Leila again though!” Bella said excitedly. I noticed the fake amusement the other girls displayed at the mention of Bella’s aunt. I knew first hand what annoying aunts were like; I could pick out all the signs and symptoms if you asked me too.
“What about sports? Do you guys like sports?” Zo asked obviously steering the conversation away from Bella’s aunt.
“Uh not really for teams, sometimes we throw a ball around or we just wrestle and roughhouse,” I said and Mo nodded with a smug grin.
“Yeah we don’t play sports either, Mo used to be a swimmer though,” Addi said.
“Notice her past tense usage,” Mo said with a roll of her eyes.
“Wait, wait, wait!” Bella said loudly putting her hands in the air as if to halt the conversation, “How old are you guys?” She asked. All four of them leaned forward, waiting intently for me to answer.
“Uh Frank’s 16, Mikey and Bob are 17, and Ray and I are 18,” I said and they groaned.
“Damn they can’t party with us!” Mo exclaimed while throwing her hands up in the air dramatically.
“Well how old are you all?” I asked curiously.
“20,” they all said in unison.
“JINX!” Mo and Addi shouted together.
“Pip-pop-poke you owe me a coke!” Mo shouted and Addi frowned while she crossed her arms and turned her head away. Mo poked her belly and Addi smacked her hands away playfully.
“Don’t get any ideas with the older women,” Maddie muttered under her breath. I could tell she was trying to keep that to herself, but I heard it. I felt a twinge of regret as I realized it probably looked bad that I was talking to them and not really her. But I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t mind going on tour with Zero to Sixty. They were fun and exciting. And extremely hot, a sense of shame washed over me and I tried to swallow the thought but a huge lump had now formed in my throat. I loved Maddie, why was I thinking about other girls? Maddie was incredible and everything I ever wanted, I didn’t ever think that another girl more amazing could ever walk this earth. I smiled wearily at her before taking her hand. She looked up in surprise but saw my smile. Her expression was soft and warm and all thoughts of liking other people were washed from my mind. Then her face was formed in pure fear as a sharp knock resonated loudly in the car.
Maddie let out a blood-curdling scream and the sense of peace was yanked from beneath my feet. Maddie screamed so loudly I grit my teeth instead of putting my fingers in my ears. I quickly grabbed her pulling her into the driver’s seat with me. Fear had made its way up my throat like bile and Maddie screamed louder yet as the passenger seat door was thrust open.

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