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Chapter 5-Love hurts

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Whatever happened to Frank?

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Chapter 5;

My eyes slowly opened to a white room. I saw Gee sitting on a chair in the corner fast asleep. I was in hospital. I don't know how long for. Why. Or how. But I was in hospital. I started coughing. It hurt my chest. I couldn't stop. I looked down into my hands to see blood. Lots of it. Covering the whole of my hands. Gerard started to wake up. He looked at me and smiled and started to walk over to him. I was in shock. He started to get quicker.
"What's the matter Frank?" He asked with a serious tone.
I didn't say anything. I just showed him my hands. The hands that had a pool of blood in. He didn't look shocked he just looked at me.
"I'm so sorry Frank."
He kissed me on the forehead. I didn't know what was going on. What did he mean 'I'm sorry.
What was wrong with me. What had happened when I blacked out?
"What's wrong with me Gee?" I asked slowly. I got more and more scared by the second.
"I'm so sorry Frank. You've got tuberculosis."
Tuberculosis. Or t.b as it's better known.
"But it can be treated right?" I asked even more scared.
Gerard started to cry.
"It's too late. They can't do anything now. If they had found it earlier it would have been more treatable."
Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I was going to die. I couldn't stand it. I wanted to get out of here. Out of the hospital. Out of this city. Out of just here!
"Gee,will you come with me?" I asked hopefully.
"What do you mean?"
"Please, I need to go far away from here. If I'm gonna die I want to do it in the best way possible. With the one I love. With you. We could go now. Please,for me Gee."
He looked me in the eye.
"I don't know Frankie,I have a family!"
"No. It's fine. I was stupid for asking. Why should I get everything? I'm sorry. I have to go."
I got up and pulled the wires out of me. I pulled the horrible white robe off me too.
Gerard pulled me round and kissed me. We were tight.I could tell he loved me this time. That it was real. His red hair dropped in front of his eyes and then he suddenly stopped and just looked at the door. And there standing was Jamia and Lyn-Z. Standing in shock. Disbelief.
"I'm so sorry Lyn-Z but I love Frank. I can't have it anyother way!"
I looked at him and smiled.
"I'm sorry Jamia,it's true!" I said.
Gerard grabbed my hand and we ran.
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