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Steven and Joe their first kiss might be some spelling errors i refuse to fix them

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Listen to 'We are Young' by fun

DUDE,“ asks Steven Tyler, in all seriousness, "have you got any Sudafed?” As luck would have it, I have some herbal aromatherapy oil for sinus pains. Tyler shakes a few drops on to a napkin, runs it back and forth under his nose and, his huge mouth stretched into a grin, snorts lavishly.

Beyond rehab: Aerosmith have survived their years of abuse and say rock'n'roll is ‘still a party’

His partner, guitarist Joe Perry, slumps into an armchair and dramatically thumps a half-litre bottle of beer on the table. He picks at the edges of the label, which reminds him that this is the kind of beer that has no alcohol in it.

Back then, Tyler and Perry were known as the Toxic Twins, and their band transgressed new frontiers in superstar decadence.

If you had run into these two 25 years ago, of course, the drink and the drugs would have been premium-strength, and the ensuing conversation pretty much incomprehensible

In the mid-Seventies, when stadium giants such as the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin were taking two or more years to make an album, Aerosmith became America’s favourite rock 'n’ roll band, touring voraciously on a diet of booze, pills, cocaine, heroin and little in the way of food.

Between 1977 and 1985, their consumption took its toll, their records stopped selling and their lives fell apart


They have transformed themselves into one of the biggest fixtures

In Rock & Roll.

Of course, Aerosmith in 2001 are more than faintly ridiculous. They are wilfully, gloriously, mercifully ridiculous. And for rock fans who are telling them that stardom is a bad trip.


Are They Thrivers.

now in their early fifties, have since shrewdly transformed themselves into the Rock World forever.

Our interview takes place in Munich, where the band are spending a couple of days promoting their energetic new album, Just Push Play .

It’s the kind of chore that other artists might resent, but Tyler and Perry, who are jet lagged,having just flown in from their home of Boston,

seem positively happy to be here.

“All the talk shows,/ all that s-, it sucks, man,” says Perry, “but you know …/ I get to drive// an Aston Martin.”

The new album’s cover features a cartoon of a very female robot, whose skimpy yellow dress billows up a la Marilyn Monroe.

Looking back at them I notice.

Perry is in black, right down to the skiing shades that save him from the glare of our interview room’s harsh lighting:two candles.

His partner is wearing rose-tinted spectacles, which seems appropriate, and has hippy-dippy scarves draped all over him.

Though Tyler clearly finds it hard to concentrate on the question

*joe’s hand is clenched as he waits patiently for steven to answer the question at hand and answer it,

he is lucid enough to see through his glasses.

“salacious stories, from the band’s past are grist” Steven Begins. “ to the mill when it comes to promotional work….” Joe Finishes and stares at him while putting his clenched hand down as if dropping a squishy…

towards the end of the Seventies, when they were so bored with playing the same set every night . He picks at the edges of the label… Again.

DUDE,“ asks Steven Tyler, in a Harsh seriousness

"have you got any _________” Joe can barely hear him let alone see his face.

“DUDE!!” he says harshly and annoyed.

“no..” Joe looks down Quietly. with his guitar hanging from his shoulders. And his Hair Covering His Face. he knows what he wants. its just….

He wont give it to him. He’s got the same problem. and Just like Him. A Junkie.

but he looks at him and smiles somewhat. when he notices he’s yelling at tom for something in the song.

but then he glares.

and joe looks away softly. and lights a cigarette.

Here we Go Again: his face says/

“Why can’t you play it the way i said to play it? Are you Dumb.” LG looks down and says

“ Ill play it right steven just leave me alone. ..” He looks away and chugs a beer. as he does you see joe in the background coming closer.

“ and you. Brad did ya-” he’s interrupeted by joe’s intense aura. ‘he’s mad’ steven thinks. He’s Glaring at him. and says with a cigarette in his mouth/ Glaring Stabbing Steven Again.

in terms of the band. He watches over them. an Angel.

Joe is Wearing a White Scarf again. but his hair is Darker then it.

Steven is wearing Bright white. with the frills on the ends his brown hair stands out. he is bright. but you can tell he is mad. or sad. or even happy. but it depends on his Face. Completely

Like Joe.

His Scarf stands out.

He Scratches his head and looks back down at Tom when joe is around.

“Sorry. It’s Just- I like it to be fucking perfect. Right?” -Tom Nods and Agrees.

“ I know.” he smiles.

and joe’s shoulder’s loosen up.

HE loosens up his shoulders closes his eyes to chill out.

he looks relaxed. Till He open’s his eyes.

And Steven is Staring at Him. He Can’t Tell. What he Feels.

but hes smiling and happy looking over him. he is confused.


“Tonight- We are Young Let’s Set the Stage on Fire” He Nods his Head at Joe .

Starting a Fire in his Heart. He is Breathless. and they have a Great Show. the stage is fire. Joe is Playing his Absolute Best Tonight. The Crowd is Screaming. Steven is Singing Loud.

They are Running around Happily. Steven is going around in circles: Joe is by his Side Playing guitar.

Till the Night Ends.

and they start doing Drugs Again. The Back Stage Party Starts. They can hear all the intense Party Goers.. The Ladies The Men. The Band mates Arguing.

“give me a second Straight” he Scratches his head. Thinking about the whiskey Shot he Had. Joe’s friend’s are in the Bathroom Getting Higher the the empire state’ (his girl’friend’s talking to a guy in some sunglasses talking about the scar;s hes had” wondering about the rest of all the guy’s he says

“God what Party we Had” he say’s tiredly

he looks at steven.

Steven notices and looks right back at him.

“tonight.. we are young’ he says confidently slowly. so if by the time the night’s down wont you carry-‘he’s slipping and has a bottle in his hand. sitting on a couch he Stands Up. looking at joe Innocently.

Joe look’s Confidently stern back at him . “i know that i gave it to you earlier. “ Theres Hole’s in my Apologys. “you know im trying hard to take it back.” he clenches his fists and you can tell that he feels bad, ‘y the time the bar ciose’s, and you Feel like Falling Down. “ Ill Carry you Home, Tonight.” If you feel like falling done his face says.

“Tonight- We are young….” slowly show the party coming to an end. joe looking at the party. some girls on the couch. some bras flying. Brad looking awkward with a drink in his hand smiling. Joey is Hammered. Tom is Smiling happily’ and steven is on the ground. its dark. //

Fade to Grey Snow Falling and Joe Carrying Steven with his scarf around him and his Leather Jacket faulty,He is annoyed but with Steven on his arm half asleep smiling. He and Him exit the cabby and return to hotel,

he steps. to the check in. to the elevator. steven on his arm. out the elevator he steps. he admires the brightly light hallway. Steven is Heavy he winces/Steven is still asleep and smiling “carry me home tonight….”

“Just Carry me home tonight~” He opens up his arms to joe. Joe winces at first ‘what’ he looks at him , his arms out he says again “ carrrryy- mee homeee toni=(hiccup) niight ~ “ Hes got this big stupid grin. but looks so cute. with his bushy hair and joe is baffeled but he promised. He only smiles softly at steven. he can be so funny….


he heaves steven in t he door. He is still singing softly ‘tonighttttt~’ he heaves him onto the bed. He’s Startled/ but sees joe and has no reason to run. he lays back down ‘tonighhhhht’ his fingers twirling and bouncing like a conductor. “na na na- “ He is happy Joe is here.

“na na na n-” he is getting more tired. He looks at Joe who is looking back down at Him. He admire’s Joe’s face and his Jet black hair around him. his conducting stops but he hum’s

both of them are just looking at each other happy and quiet. looking at one another like ‘this guy’s an idiot but i love him.’ joe looks at him smiling and on the bed acting like a conductor. Drunk but happy and smiling.

Steven looks at him and sees a man he needs to carry him home at night. A friend. He loves him so much. He makes steven Happy, and protects him.

They both relax

what would steven have done with out him? he thought about him on the Ground Drunk and stupid.

what would steven do without joe. he would have been with some women. who knows really.

he looks at him. realizing they’re both starring.

Joe has this look in his eye. as if he hates him. or he’s annoyed by carrying him home joe is thinking ‘he can be so dumb but,,,’ Steven is beginning to wake up he still has some fight in him .

Joe is surprised. he doesn’t say anything. he opens his mouth but steven say’s “what?” he is brought back to reality. he remembers all the stupid things he said. all the things he’s done . he almost resents him.

He. ..

put’s his hand on his shoulder gently “look go to sleep” his touch is like the sun. Steven lets his guard down and lays back down. he is glad joe is around. he looks at him. the light is shining over him.

his hand goes over his shoulder ,over his nec kand towards his cheek . He pauses. and goes straight on a head to cup his face

He look’s at him longingly. Joe is Quiet. Steven doesn’t notice, He’s just happy to have his hand on his cheek. its warm and he grins. till he see’s joe again. and is shocked. his guard is loosening up again.

hes drawn to joe. lifting up. joes hand adjusts. not even bothered he stares back into his eyes ‘his jet black eyes’ he and steven get closer. you can feel the tension. nothing breaks it at all. it feels so- natural,

they kiss. you can see from the bed the room. it is a sweet and giving kiss. they deepen their lips. it gets a little hot and quiet. they aren’t aware of what they’re doing only that Joe is pulling towards him and stevens hand is moving for his body to clench onto.

they’re mouths open. They are shocked, Joe figures out whats going on first. he opens his eyes afraid he did something wrong.. Steven is shocked and is only bothered by the lack of warmth from joe’s lips and the room getting cold too. He stops his hand in a clench. his hand falls sadly. “Steven.” he listens. looking away.

“i ..” his hand clenches the edge of the bed and blankets. He feels like he want’s to cry. he’s tensing up underneath him slowly. The alcohol is taking the full force of this rejection for him. and he says breathlessly ‘joe…’ his breathing calming and falling asleep slowly

Joe feels sick. He feels guilty. he looks back at steven. who is falling asleep and on his mouth he leaves quickly. Steven can see him fading. He shuts the door. // joe slams the door and blushes and clenches the door. what did he just do!?!?!?!

then he remember’s that steven is barely on the bed. annoyed he opens the door again. steven’s full on asleep. he picks him up and lays him over the pillow. he’s tired and shocked. he needs to go to bed.

he leaves steven’s room with a light sweat.

it was a snowy night.

the trees were dark the sky purple. nothing to regret. maybe this would bring them closer. maybe they would forget.


till the next concert.

they would not forget.
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