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Jay's Secret

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After a surprise attack form Meleager, Atlanta finds herself confronting Jay- and his devastating secret that could change the team forever...

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"So we have a few rules that you'll have to obey in the house-"

Oh no! He's coming over this way! Quick, Pan-Man, shield me!

"Sorry, no room here. Just stay over there for now," Pan-Man whispers kindly.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I love you Pan-Man! The Husband is leaving again, back to the other side of the room where he'll continue to watch me. Creep.

Super-Archie nudges closer to me and I relish at the feeling of his knee and shoulder against mine- because he's not trying to touch me in inappropriate places or ways, and he's not trying to hug the living daylights out of me and scream 'My Wife!'

Pan-Man scoots closer on my other side, both protecting me from The Husband who is watching me with tears in his eyes form the other side of the room.

"-and with that we just want to remind you all of a few fun little Christmas traditions that we've set up. At all times in this house you have to remember these rules and follow them. For starters, no one can open the presents under the tree until Christmas morning when everyone is awake. Also, if you see anyone- boy or girl- under the mistletoe, give them a kiss. Where you kiss them is up to you," there were some chuckles before Herry continued, "but you have to kiss them once."

I paled drastically as The Husband's hand shot up, "Does this mean that if I get my Wife under this Mistle-plant, then she will have to kiss me?"

"Well, yeah. And I bet your wife will be dieing to get you under that mistletoe," Odie winked at Meleager, not understanding who his 'Wife' was.

Super-Archie and Pan-Man each took one of my hands, but didn't know that they were doing the exact same thing. Wow, I'd been getting like no attention from them, except for them trying to be nice to me, and now they were both all over me- protecting me from Meleager.

Long story short: Aphrodite's brought this guy from the Elysian Fields because I seem to have a 'lack of romantic interest'. So when I see the guy, he holds a golden apple to my face and obviously I can't look away, because it's just so beautiful! Only Pan was able to look at it without being completely captivated by its beauty and now had it stored under his hat. So after the guy tackles me, Archie rips him off and yells at him, then when we try to leave him, he runs after me and starts trying to ehem, grab me in places I'd rather not discuss, Pan and Archie give him and good shove, with hoof and fist, and then we ran in here where Herry was just about to start the meeting. Meleager was introduced to everyone, and no one knew of this conflict that had just happening in the front hall.

And now I was convinced Herry and Odie were out to ruin my life. They will pay.

"Alright, you can go back to partying now!" Odie told everyone. A cheer went up and everyone jumped up and flooded the house.

I got up with Super-Archie and Pan-Man with me. I was not going anywhere without them now. They were my bodyguards, and I was happy for the protection.

"Let's go get a drink," I told the guys, they nodded and followed me. Funny how quickly they can come over their diffrenc- nope. Archie just shot Pan and lethal glare, guess their big one-sided feud isn't over.

Hmm, punch looks like blood. Waaaayyy too red and sludgy for my liking. I moved on to the eggnog. Oh, great, people seem to be really slugging down on it. All of the bottles are empty. Might as well go get some, if I want anything to drink. Which I do, or I wouldn't be here at the drink table... looking for a drink- you get what I mean.

"I'm going to go get some more eggnog," I told them. Archie is still burning Pan with his Laser-Glare, and Pan is beginning to get shifty-eyed and nervous under its power. I turned and headed to the kitchen and had walked a few steps before I realized that they hadn't followed me. Oh well, I'd be okay, The Husband, as I'd dubbed Meleager, was being deterred by other guests for now.

In the kitchen, there were even more nymphs getting 'played' at by several giddy satyrs. Okay, me no want to see anything. Here's an idea, squint so you can only see ahead of you. It's good advice, but a lot harder than it sounds.

It probably took me an extra few minutes to reach the fridge because I could barely see anything and everything was so blurred that I thought everything else but the fridge was the fridge.

So when I finally made it, I opened the door and smirked at the apparent lack of edible food, then grabbed a few cartons of eggnog and kicked the door closed behind me.

Hey, what was that? That wasn't Meleager was it- oh lordy someone's running at me and they're drunk, how do I handle a drunk Greek? Wait, he's getting closer and it's, it's-


Jay fell over at my feet and made feeble snatching motions at the eggnog in my hands. I could only stare at the drunken grin on his face. But Jay, drinking alcohol? No sense whatsoever.

"Gimme egggnggg!" he chuckled, still reaching at the eggnog from his position at my feet.

"Jay? Where did you find the alcohol?" I found myself saying, pulled the eggnog further out of reach. He had a rather drunken rosy color on his cheeks and his grin was definitely not one of Jay's usual facial expressions. Since when did Jay grin in the first place? Who was I to ask these things- after Jay screamed, the entire universe as we know it has begun to collapse.

Just as a guess, I shuffled to the counter, only half-squinting so I could keep an eye on Jay and not see the nymphs and satyrs behind me, and set the cartons of eggnog on the counter. I opened one and took a sip, right from the carton. I spat it out almost immediately- it still tasted as gross as ever, with no hint of alcohol. As for that fact, don't even ask me why I think I'd know if I tasted alcohol in the drinks. Maybe...


"Egggggnogggggg?" Jay tugged at my shorts like a little kid from his position still lying on the floor. I held up a carton,

"Okay, Jay, just follow me and we'll get you some more... eggnog."

Jay's eyes lit up and he got to his feet and followed me with the smile on his face that might've said he was on cloud nine. So... why again would he be asking for eggnog if he (insert shudder) screamed at it and wouldn't drink it earlier? I was starting to think my addiction theory was correct.

I heard shouts, and my name included, and through the crowd I saw Archie and Pan waving and pointing, looking very guilty and scared. An odd combination for sure. Were they trying to charade to me? They must be scared that they forgot about me! Hah! That'll show them! If they're both superheroes, then I wonder if one of them turned bad... so who's the super-villain now?

I only realized what they meant a second before I would've died.

They were pointing behind me, my bodyguards, pointing behind me, which could only mean that what they were trying to protect me form had to be-

"My Wife!"

I threw myself forwards, hitting the ground with a hard 'oomf'. Meleager hugged the air tightly where I had just been, and before he could react I rolled out of the way. A loud bang beside me, and a flash of yellow, told me that Jay had a serious issue with eggnog, meaning he'd follow it even to the floor.

"Let's go Jay, c'mon Jay, let's go!" I urged him as I scrambled to my feet, looking around. There! In the center of that mass of nymphs, a flash of orange/red hair and his laugh I know anywhere. Dionysus! I snatched Jay's hand and dragged him forwards, which is a lot harder than you'd think considering he was following me everywhere. But seeing as how drunk Jay now was, he had this odd, zigzag, stagger-walk that swung my arm back and forth.

I kicked the nymphs out of the way, because my arms were tired up with Jay and the eggnog, and I stormed up to Dionysus.

"What have you done to this?" I shoved the bottle in his face.

He seemed to panic, and tried to wave me away, and finally understood what he was doing when Hera came storming over, seemingly in a red-hot rage. I looked around and couldn't see Zeus anywhere, ah-ha, that made sense. I'd be angry too if my husband was sneaking off with other girls.

"Dionysus!" she cried, "what have you been up to?" I guess she'd seen Jay, who was kneeling behind me and once again trying to reach around me to get the eggnog. I slapped his hand,

"No, bad Jay!" He pulled his arm back and gave me the biggest, cutest pout, with the widest and saddest eyes I'd ever seen. I gave him an awkward pat on the head, "just... hold on a while. Then I'll give you your eggnog." I swear he gave me a kitty-smile, you know, with the 'w' lips that just look too cute for any living person. I finally get why Theresa likes this guy.

"I-I swear I h-haven't d-done any-anything!" Dionysus stammered, paling to the point of looking like a ghost.

Hera eyed him suspiciously, then she turned to me and even I flinched. Jay hid behind my knees.

"Give me that drink, Atlanta." I was only too happy to comply. She waved her hand and a small goblet appeared in her palm. Gracefully, she poured herself some eggnog, tested it, and nodded slowly.

"There's no trace of alcoholic drink in this," she finally said, handing me back the eggnog. I stared. No way, then how had Jay gotten so badly drunk?

I turned around and waggled the eggnog over Jay's head, just out of reach. He still tried to get it.

"Jay, what have you been drinking?"

"Eggggggnooooggggg!" he whined. This was so not right.

"Answer me, Jay, and then I'll give you the eggnog," I told him sternly. Half of me wanted to scream and run in circles out of the complete whacked-out way this party was going, the other half of me kept thinking: I've always wanted a dog.

Jay gave me the cutie-pie pout again. No, Atlanta, get a hold of yourself! Don't give in! Resist, resist!

"No, Jay. Tell me what you've been drinking!"

"Egggnoooggg," he repeated. Oh, I get it. All he's had is eggnog. I turned to Hera and Dionysus.

"He says he's only had eggnog."

Hera nodded slowly, "I commanded that no alcohol was to be brought to this party..."

"I haven't d-done anything!" Dionysus put in.

I looked back at Jay, "So that means..." I looked at the eggnog carefully, no, there had to be another explanation for this.

"Eggnog has alcohol in it, right?" I asked.

Hera and Dionysus shook their heads. A loud, male laugh was heard somewhere over the noise of the party and Hera suddenly bristled up again. She turned and stormed off with her dark rain cloud spouting lightning over her head,


I turned to talk to Dionysus, but he had taken the moment and snuck away. Jay was still sitting on the floor, pouting up at me.

"Dude," I realized, "you get hammered on child-safe beverages?"

"Eggggnooggg!" he made the action of reaching for it again. I held it out of reach.

"Let's go to upstairs, Jay." I told him. I heard the Mother in my head again.

'Awww, you're first pet. I think I'll let you keep him- play nice!'

Since when did the Mother encourage my interaction with boys?


A whimper and I poured a bit more eggnog into Jay's cup then curiously watched him devour the drink. We were upstairs, sitting in the hallway, and Jay's as drunk as, well... a very, very drunk man. But get this; Jay gets hammered on non-alcoholic beverages. Currently, he's completely addicted to eggnog, which really does explain his fear of eggnog earlier, and why he wouldn't touch it in front of us. Guess he's too man to admit how badly he gets drunk off eggnog. Wow, I still can't get over that. I heard myself give a little snicker.

Wait, what's that sound? Jay's giggling too? Giggling? Well, I guess it's a given for a drunk man, no matter how serious he is when he's sober.

He pushed his bowl over to me and I gave him more eggnog. His face lit up so much, like he was surprised how his cup continued refilling time and time again. Then he was face-first in it and drinking himself bloated. That was so gross. How cold he drink eggnog? Without warning he lunged forwards and wrapped me in a bear-hug. Oh geeze! I thought only Herry could do these!

"You know, you've got a lot of vermin in this house," Medellia said, starring straight at me. I stiffened and shoved Jay away from me, oh; she did not just say that!

"What do you want?" I kept thinking of telling Jay to "sick 'er, boy!" but I resisted. She'd probably pull out some freaky witch-snooty-nosed-female voodoo on me or turn Jay into an actual dog. Hey, that might not be so bad- I'd just have to keep him on eggnog and no one would know where he'd gone.

"I was looking for him," she gestured to Jay, "that rich-girl thinks she can take him from me, but... it looks like you've done that already," her evil grin sent chills down my spine, "to think, you're her best friend too! Aren't you with that ugly purple-haired dork?"

No way, she did not just insult Theresa, me and then Archie! Not my best friends! I looked her right in the face, which meant I was on my tiptoes. Curse this lack of growth spurts!

"I think you mean Theresa, and she knows Jay way better than you do, Witch. And as for Archie, he's my best friend. You can diss me all you like, but you just went too far when you insulted them! Don't forget, I kept you pinned even when you had Medea's strength," I reminded her, furious.

"Oh ca'm down, gi'l," Talia said from behind me, grabbing me around the waist and easily pulling me aside with her inhuman strength.

"Get away from me!" I shouted and smacked her hands away.

Okay, not good. I had a vampire and a witch somewhat angry at me. What do I do? What do I do? Jay had crawled over and tugged at my shorts again. He opened his mouth to beg for eggnog again, but I pushed him away.

Talia burst out laughing at the sight, "You w'uld feet in at any pa'ty in the e'ld days," she told me. Remembering her description to Echo earlier, of her idea of a party, I felt my fists clench.

"What do you want?" I snapped.

Both Talia and Medellia opened their mouths, but another voice snapped all our heads around.

"Jay? Atlanta?" Thank the heavenly, it's Theresa!

Both Medellia and Talia flashed me chilling glares, and then fled into the darkness. Theresa came around the corner, looking around and spotted me pressed against the wall and still glaring at the wall across from me. I must've looked... I don't know, really angry, because I don't get scared, but she ran over.

"Hey, 'Lan, are you alright?" I was about to say more, but then an affectionate purple and yellow whale named Jay leapt from the carpet depths, crying Theresa's name happily, and then collapsed on top of her, pulling her back down to his carpet home.

Theresa was unable to hold onto his weight and she fell over backwards, Jay sprawled out on top of her, and shuddering from pain or pleasure I really don't know. Guess Jays an affectionate drunk, recalling that spontaneous hug he gave me earlier.

"Oh, uh, Jay, well, I mean-"

To save her any more embarrassment, I shook the eggnog, which still had at least enough to make a sound, you know, that sound that liquid makes when you shake it around in its container, and presto! Jay shot off Theresa and was at my feet again, holding his cup. How on earth he got the cup and got to my feet so fast I don't think I'll ever know.

Theresa sat up and blew her hair out of her face, "What... was that?" I didn't know if she was talking about Jay's whale-hug, or the fact that he was begging for eggnog.

"He gets hammered off eggnog," I explained, dangling the jug just out of reach. Jay whimpered and tried to give me the Pout. I turned away so I wouldn't see, "and he's a very affectionate drunk."

Theresa stared at me, then at Jay, "But he said he didn't like eggnog."

"He's addicted; he was just trying to resist temptation... I think."

When Theresa got to her feet, I gently tossed her the eggnog and Jay was over, whimpering and giving her the Pout, in an instant. I saw Theresa in a mix between looking completely scared and wanting to run away and jump out a window, or to sit and scratch Jay behind the ear and get his leg in a frenzy, like, when you scratch a dog's belly.

Eventually she took him downstairs, and I followed, feeling ignored again and not wanting to be around if 'Evil', aka Medellia and Talia, returned.

Getting back into the party was a little tough, and keeping Jay on his feet was getting harder. He was as tipsy as a top. Oh, haha, I made a funny.

"Atlanta! Thank god you're alright!" I heard Archie cry as he and Pan found me.

"We thought Meleager had gotten you," Pan smiled, stepping between Archie and I and gave me a good pat on the shoulder. Archie went from rejoicing to thing in about three seconds.

Ah, welcome back into the normal life. Thank goodness this party will be over tomorrow and then I'll be able to get on with my mission.


Well, sorry it was late. Hope you guys enjoy! Don't think this chapter turned out as well, but now we know Jay's secret, that Medellia and Talia are up to no good, and that maybe Atlanta's life will go back to normal soon enough.

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