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The Plant from Down Below

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Atlanta wakes up- and already her problems have begun. Now, being hunted by a puckering mob of satyrs and The Husband, can she find somewhere to hide in time?

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What a wonderful feeling it is to wake up in a nice, soft... well, mine is sort of lumpy, so it's a nice feeling t wake up in a reasonably soft bed with only slightly-scratchy blankets and feeling as warm as all get out? I reached for my blankets to pull then off me, but realized I'd kicked them off in my sleep again. Darn, someone must've been tampering with the heaters. I can't wait to hear Jay's lecture on that... considering he isn't hung up on account of a terrible hang-over.

Oh what an interesting night last night had been. I'd spent the rest of the time dodging Meleager, hanging out with Archie and Pan, getting hugged around the waist fiercely several times by a floor-dwelling carpet monster named Jay, and then keeping myself out of the rest of the 'happy' Greek men's hands. But thank whomever, the party was over today and we can kick out all those unwanted sex-driven, drunk ancient Greeks and I can get on with my life looking for a special someone.

Oh, wait. I found my blankets, judging from the weight on my waist. Since when were my blankets this hairy... and warm... and had fingers? My 'blanket' muttered something into my ear,

"My wife."


"Atlanta I'm so sorry! We were keeping tabs on him all night and I don't know how he got out!"

Archie and Pan were both trying to comfort me, keep me from freaking out and going to kill Meleager, and help Herry, Odie, Calypso and Theresa repair the window I kicked Meleager through. You never realize how flexible your body is until you kick someone out a window from where you are lying on the floor, across the room.

Theresa was shocked, Evil had sniggered when no one was looking at them, Echo wouldn't be quiet about the whole event and Calypso, though not as horrified as I'd wanted her to be, was sympathetic to my problem and told me she'd help keep Meleager away, when she wasn't busy with Odie.

'I've tried keeping you away from men, but now you're inviting them to bed! Do you hate me or something?' The Mother asked. I scowled at her timing.

No, like I'd ever invite a boy to sleep with me, or sleep with a guy. I'm not that desperate and never will be. Meleager is a fluke, and he snuck into the room and I only hope he didn't do anything to me. I glanced down at myself worriedly.

'What about your friend? The Opera one?' Opera? That had to be Archie. That's right, I did spend the night with Archie the other day, golly, I completely ignored my own personal rules without even thinking. Okay, Atlanta, you have to be on your guard and stay level headed! You can do this- you are a smart young woman!

"Look out!"


I think all these hits to the head are going to be the death of me. Anyways, Herry was just coming in with a 'sheet' of wood and thanks to his perfect balance, tripped over Medellia, who was sitting 'out of the way' with Talia, and the wood went flying. You probably know what happened next.

Thankfully, my hair is going to cover the bumps I have. To count them all up, I have quite a few from falling down the stairs, a nice big one from this recent accident, one from Meleager's attack, and I also have a nice big bruise on my hip from dropping off Herry's shoulder.

We'd gotten the window boarded up for now, and everyone had returned to their rooms, Pan was headed downstairs and Archie said he needed a shower after Meleager had been 'all over him' trying to get out of the room last night, and everyone else went to get dressed so now us girls were just finishing up. Obviously being the fastest, I opened the door and someone grabbed me by the neck and pulled me back. I'm going to kill them! I bet it was Medellia or Talia trying to kill me-

It was Calypso. Oh, well, what does Odie's one and only fangirl want?

"Take a look," she pointed up above the doorway. Hanging from the roof, just outside of our room, was my current least-favorite plant in the whole wide world.


Just outside of the room I saw some movement and noticed Meleager waiting in the shadows, among some rosy-cheeks satyrs. Oh dear. I looked back to Calypso and gave her a 'thank you for saving my life' look. She nodded. Theresa came up behind us.

"What's going on?" I pointed. Her mouth went into an 'o' shape and she stood with us. Evil and Echo joined us as we all just... looked... at the Mistletoe.

"We're not allowed to touch it, are we?" I asked. Calypso shook her head.

"Toobadforyouguys, Icanteleportmyselfouttahere! Neil-kins, hereIcome!" Echo gave us a quick wave before disappearing. You know, as nice as she is, she bugs me more than ever right now. Couldn't she have taken us with her?

Talia shrugged, "I'd like to s'ey dem t'y to k'ess a vampi'e." Confidently she walked right through the doorway, and the satyrs went crazy. All it took was one hiss from Talia, revealing her fangs and going all Demon-snake for a second and the satyrs had retreated to the wall again. That just left me, Theresa, Calypso and Medellia.

"So, uh, anyone else like to abandon us before those of us who don't have 'powers' figure out a plan?" I asked them.

Calypso's eyes lit up and she looked to Theresa and Medellia, "Come here you two." She pulled them away from the doorway so that they wouldn't be overheard. I glared out into the doorway and did my best to burn holes in Meleager's stupid, muscled, tan, bandaged and hopefully sprained body.

He smiled and waved back, blowing kisses and puckering his lips at me. Creep! I shuddered and danced back to Theresa, Medellia and Calypso.

"Got it?" Calypso asked.

"Got it," Theresa and Medellia nodded.

The two of them inched up to the doorway, Medellia 'accidentally' stepped on Theresa's foot and then got in front of Theresa. The both stared at the mistletoe like it was their failing lifeline. Then, as I saw Medellia's eyes begin to glow green, and Theresa's glow purple, the mistletoe wiggled. Only slightly, but it moved. And then, slowly, it wiggled and jiggled its way all the way to one side of the doorframe, then Medellia and Theresa both nearly collapsed with exhaustion. I was first to react and grabbed Theresa, while Calypso was unfortunately just a tad too slow and missed catching Medellia.

The four of us, me carrying Theresa and Medellia refusing any help from the 'beach bunny' as she so kindly referred to Calypso, made our way to the doorway. The Christmas-plant-from-H-E-L squared, was now on the side closest to the door hinges. Calypso was first pressing herself against the opposite side than the mistletoe, and slid out. The satyrs, and Meleager, waited. I let Theresa go next, and Medellia and I waited patiently while she slowly stepped out, taking extra care not to stumble on account of her fatigue.

"Oh hurry up Princess!" Medellia complained, and seconds later I felt her foot in my back.

I fell right under the mistletoe, and into the hallway. I heard Theresa's "look out!" when I was halfway down the hallway with a pack of satyrs and The Husband hot on my heels.

Ohnoohnoohnohnoohnoohnoohnoohno! Wheretohidewheretohide? ...I'm starting to sound like Echo. Jump, Lannie, jump for all you little body is worth! He's lunging at you!

I sprang into the air, so well that a rabbit would be impressed, sadly, considering the limited height in the hallway, I hit my head. Again.

And I came crashing down right in front of the bathroom. Oh, the bathroom that Archie, Herry and I usually share- but it had a lock on the door. A lock that could keep Meleager out! Forget what I've said before- I love this thing!

I spoke a second too soon. The moment I went to get up, a hand grabbed my ankle. No way, buddy, you are not getting any Atlanta! I kicked out with my other foot, hit whomever it was in the head, and pulled away. The door was closed, as Herry liked it, so I took a few precious seconds in opening the door. I heard water hissing, stupid toilet was probably clogged again thanks to the Mother-of-All-Puddings Archie and Herry liked to leave.

I threw open the door and closed it, but some grabbed arms had already started coming in and I stomped on all of their little grubby fingers, hopefully breaking some of them because it serves the jerks right, and slammed the door shut.

"My wife! My Wife! Speak to me my Love!" Meleager cried form the other side of the door. I opened my mouth to shout back at him, but the high-pitched shriek from behind me distracted me.

"Oh god Atlanta!" The water earlier, the door had been closed the light was on... ohmygosh!

I'd just walked in on Archie in the middle of his shower.

"Sorry! I'mnotlooking!" I screamed and buried my face against the door, arms still bracing it for impact from Meleager calling to me.

"The heck are you doing in here? Get out!" Archie cried.

"I can't! Meleager's out there- and he saw me under Mistletoe!" I yelled back, sinking to my knees and still not looking. Archie swore for a few minutes, quite loudly and vibrantly and in several different languages. Wow, to think he actually learned other languages that well.

"O-okay. Just don't... don't look!" Archie finally said. Yeah, right, like I'd want to look at him, naked. In his dreams. After a few seconds I heard the water shut off, embarrassedly heard him slip around a bit as he grabbed a towel, and then waited as I heard his wet, sloppy footsteps on the floor.

"Alright," he sighed, "done."

My cheeks felt very hot as I turned around to face him. He had a fluffy white towel tied around his waist and another draped over his shoulders. His hair, obviously, was not gelled up like normal and hung down, and more surprisingly, almost reached his shoulders. For the first time I also saw Archie with bangs, and that's saying a lot considering I've seen him every day for the past almost-two years. Also, I finally noticed how pale and skinny he really is. Yeesh, if we thought his face was pale... well, he's actually not too bad looking. Wow... Archie, wet, and not being all 'Archie'... is actually very, very tasty eggnog to the eyes.

'You're staring, stop puddling!' the Mother instructed. Obediently I looked away.

Archie sat down near me, thankfully keeping his legs crossed. We didn't look at each other for a few minutes.

"So..." he finally began, he sounded rather nervous, I know I would be if I was only wearing a towel in front of him, "what happened?" he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, his normal habit when he felt anxious. Since his hair was hanging down, this caused him to run his hand through his hair... I wonder if it's as soft as it looks?

"Atlanta?" What? Oh, right, talking to Archie! Not staring!

"Well, Meleager and some satyrs stuck a branch of mistletoe outside of our door, and while the girls and I were getting out, I fell under it and then they were on a fox hunt after me. I tripped and the only room nearby was this one.

"What about the room right across the hall?" Oh. Right, that one.

"This one has the lock."

"Well why did you come into the bathroom when the door was closed?"

"Herry always keeps the door closed," I pointed out. Archie looked crestfallen, since I was beating him yet again in an argument, "and besides, why didn't you have it locked? Were you expecting someone to come in?"

"No! Why would you think that? I'm usually first one up, so I don't worry about anyone walking in. Least of all some girl getting chased by her 'husband'."

"Hey! The Husband is out to get me, and what happened to you protecting me? And where are the clothes you came in with anyways?"

Archie paused. He looked around curiously. With a bewildered face he looked back to me,

"I have no idea," he said simply.

"You mean you just walked in here naked?" I asked.

We both looked at each other, as confused as anything, then one of us, it could have been me or him broke out into a fit of highly contagious giggles and soon we were both laughing.

"S-so you're telling me th-that someone mu-must've walk in here and just m-made off w-with your cl-clothes?" I restrained myself from laughing at the absurd idea. Ha, another fancy word. I learned that from way back when I first started bugging Odie with big words.

Archie shrugged, "Yeah," he was trying to keep from laughing as well, "and come to think of it, I couldn't find my brace this morning as well." I started laughing again and he held up his hands in defense, "No joke!" he told me.

"Wonderful party, really," I told him after I'd calmed down a bit more, "there is some lunatic out there who is convinced I'm his wife and therefore he can do whatever 'couple-y' things he wants with me, a crazy vampire and witch who are out to ruin our lives, number of giddy satyrs who would just love to get their hands on me, and some person- or thing- who's stealing your clothes. I love my life."

Archie snorted, "In a nutshell, that is our life. You just forgot to add that there's this nutty old bat who's out to get us, we're fighting freak giants and monsters from the past, and we're only teenagers, then you're caught up to us." I nodded. Just think, a while ago I was feeling so nervous because he was, literally, half naked, and now we're chatting away like we're not sitting in a bathroom, him only wearing a towel, with this guy banging on the door every few minutes crying 'my wife!'. Interesting.

"So, how do you say we get out of here?" I finally asked.

"I'm not fighting Meleager until I'm wearing some pants." That made sense. I'd probably agree, if I were in his position, (and thank whoever I'm not) but I'd want to be wearing some high-tech, robotical, kick-Meleager's-butt sort of pants, and a nice shirt too. I nodded in agreement with him and we both waited patiently.

"Hey, Meleager, don't tell me you've trapped Atlanta in there? You can't keep chasing her around, she's... uh... feeling strange around you because she hasn't seen you in so long." Oh thank you! It was Pan-Man!

Na na na na na na na na Pan-Man! Wow... now Pan gets his own theme song, he is very lucky.

The doorknob began to turn and I sprang to my feet. I was going to live another day! Unfortunately, I forgot about all the water that had been dripping off Archie and I slipped. As the door opened I crashed and landed right on top of Archie. He caught me by the shoulders, but not until I'd fallen forwards enough and my lips had connected to Archie's. Oh man I was kissing him! He or I pulled away immediately, and I hope I was the first to pull away. Pan went to close the door again, but just as fast as I'd fallen, I shot at and grabbed the door.

"Thank you," I mumbled and turned to run away. Just my luck though, Meleager's bellyaching at the door had brought a lot of attention, and a big crowd. And in that crowd, you can only guess that my friends had been right there, and had seen the whole me-on-Archie thing. My cheeks felt red-hot and I tried to sink back into my friends and Pan.

Poor Archie, though, in his fluffy towel, had to go through the crowd. I heard a whistle or two as he stormed past and slammed the door to his room, well actually it was mine but the guys were using it right now.

Pan wrapped and arm around my shoulders, since Theresa was having enough trouble with her nearly limp Jay, who had his head down and kept moaning about dogs and how the room was too bright. Aww, poor Jay-Jay. The crowd dispersed, and I decided that I couldn't wait for this arty to be over. Please just send everyone home, Herry and Odie; you've ruined my life enough.

We all gathered in the living room, I kept my face buried in Pan's shoulder and Theresa flopped Jay on top of me, and then sat down beside him.

"So, everyone, good morning!" Herry called. There were loud shouts and replies.

"Today, we have several things planned for what we're all going to do!"

Wait. Planned? His party was lasting another day? No, over my dead body!

"How long is this party going?" I cried, standing up. Jay grabbed my legs tightly, while trying to cover his face from the light, and I nearly tripped.

"Well, we said it was lasting most of Christmas Break," Odie explained with his loveable Odie-smile. I noticed Calypso was holding his hand warmly.

I think I'm going to go die now.


Hey there, welcome back. If you've been living under a rock all this time, this is what's happened this morning. First, I woke up to find a creep snuggling me in my bed, then I got shoved under mistletoe and got chased by a pack of satyrs and the creep down the hallway, then got stuck in the bathroom while my best guy-friend was having a shower, accidentally kissed him in front of everyone, and now I've learned that this party-from-the-same-place-as-mistletoe is going to last all Christmas Break. The same amount of time that I want to use looking for a, dare I say it, boyfriend.

Right now we're all packed on a big bus Herry and Odie rented for the party. Hera's driving, and much to my amusement I see she's chained Zeus to her by the ankle. I sat up front with Pan, Theresa and Jay. Only three of us can fit to a seat, but Jay was dead enough to be content curled up on our feet.

Herry, Odie and Archie sat across from us; Archie hadn't looked at me directly since that incident in the bathroom. He was all dressed up in a new outfit today, probably because someone stole his usual hoodie and shorts. Today he was wearing a blue T-shirt and shorts; the stupid guy liked to show off that he didn't get sick by wearing outrageous clothes in the winter, and was back to being dorky Super-Archie. Not eye-eggnog Archie anymore.

So now, Herry's and Odie's masterful plan was for all of us to head to the mall for the day, go again tomorrow and the next day, and more if we needed to, and had provided a large list of all the people we could to buy presents for. The satyrs, much to their distaste, had been dressed up in normal, baggy clothing so now we had a large crowd of unnaturally beautiful/handsome tall people, a few normal teenagers, and a bunch of short, perverted, laughing fat men who hobbled around and complained about stupid 'human hoof-contraptions'.

What could go wrong?


So I think I'll leave it there for you guys. Sorry I haven't updated lately, been working on some new stories (see my bio for summaries) and I think you'll really like them.

Ah, I wasn't planning on having the whole Naked-Shower-Archie stuck in the bathroom with Atlanta, but while I was writing it was just like a 'ding' in my head, quickly followed by a fangirl squeal, and then I filled up most of this chapter with their interaction.

And yes, Atlanta kissed Archie in front of everyone. How will his change their relationship? Will Super-Archie still be there to save Atlanta from the Husband? Will Jay ever be able to look the two girls in the eye again after they've seen him drunk- on eggnog? Will Meleager get the girl? What else could possibly go wrong in the next chapter?

Atlanta has absolutely no idea of what she's in for...

so stay tuned.

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